Saturday, November 16, 2013

Long Past Due

Wow!  No posts since September 29!  Life has been kinda insane.  Work, stuff after work, working out, starting to get things ready to move........Selling my stuff online is like a second fulltime job.  Exhausting.

So, let's see, what has happened since September?

Let's do bullet points!

  • Vito passed away on October 1.  It was horribly sad, and I almost hyperventilated I was so upset.  He was the sweetest, most giving and happy dog I have ever known.  It was pretty devastating for us.  He died in Kurt's arms, and we had him cremated so we could bury his ashes.  I am not going to rehash the events of that day, because I still really miss him.  Certain songs remind me or him, specific things in the house.  I think Gretel really misses him too, however, I think she is slowly getting better with it.
  • On October 2, we adopted Midas Ezekiel.  He is from Port Huron and a total doll.  He will be 13 weeks on Monday.  He was 3.8 lbs when we got him, and he is already up to 9.2 lbs!  he had been to the vet twice for vaccines.  He loves Gretel and harasses her quite a bit.  They are becoming friends though.  Oscar is pretty indifferent about Midas, and the cats don't really like him but tolerate him.  He is either sleeping and an angel, or crazy and running around like a maniac.  But, he is super smart (can already sit and shake and is working on stay and lay down).  He has been to work with us almost every single day since he got him.  Some of Midas' favorite things are: toys, food, chasing Gretel, space heaters, cuddling, and sweaters.  He likes to be warm, a lot.  He brought Kurt and I a lot of happiness during a really sad time, and we love him to pieces.  Pic below is of Midas and I the first day we got him.  We made a stop at Petsmart before heading home.
  • Went to Manistee to visit my Mom another weekend.  I made it a long weekend and left Friday morning, came home Monday night.  It was a really nice, relaxing weekend.  Also got to see my sister and Nick (nephew) on Friday, and my cousin Carolyn and Aunt Luann on Saturday.  Sunday, I went and visited my friend Heidi and her girls in Bear Lake.  Did some shopping and got some runs in and overall had a fabulous weekend.  The day after I got home, it snowed in Manistee, so I was happy I got out of there in time!  Snow is not good.
  • Kurt and I went to a day Tigers playoff game.  It was a blast.  They lost, but we had a really nice time skipping work.  The weather was awesome.  We were sad the Tigers eventually lost and did not get to the World Series, but were happy we got to go to a playoff game.  can you find us in the pic below?

  • One of my fav parties of the year occurred during Halloween, the Ron Bruce Halloween party.  Kurt and I were board games this year, I was Twister and Kurt was a dart board.  We had a blast at the party and I may have drank a little bit too much.  We also went to another party the next weekend that friends of mine have every year at a hall.  Had a blast there too.  There was a DJ and food and prizes and it was a blast.

  • Angie and I modeled at a charity event for breast cancer research in Southgate, MI.  We modeled CABI clothing, which is one of my fav clothing lines.  It was a fun night, we each wore like 6 outfits, and we each won contests in the raffle as well!  I won an amazing Stella and Dot necklace, and Angie won two spa treatments.  Super awesome.  Here is one of the outfits I modeled.
  • Angie and I also went to another fundraiser in LaSalle for an awesome agency called CASA.  

CASA of Monroe County is to advocate for the best interest of abused and neglected children who are under the protection of the family court. Through the use of court-appointed, community volunteers, CASA seeks to assure safe, permanent families for these children as quickly as possible.

We had a table full of friends there, and had a great time.  Angie and I both won plants, I took mine into the office and it is beautiful.   Pic below is of the girls from our table, some of my fav people.  This is a great organization and I was happy to go to this event.  Got to see some great fashions (fashion show) and see some great people.

  • I have been doing things on the weekend to avoid Kurt watching football.  I had my first facial in years at Daybreak Salon last weekend, and it was awesome.  I may start doing those every so often since I do not usually do masks and stuff like that at home.  It was very relaxing as well.
  • Kurt has had this nonstop sinus infection, I wish he would get better!  :(.  The weather has been pretty cold, and I have had to start wearing coats, scarves and boots.  Which are the ONLY three things I like about cold weather.  Ugh.  I truly cannot wait for nice weather every single day in Costa Rica.  I think the older I get, the more I hate the cold.
  • My friend Mel had a Premier Designs jewelry party last night at her house.  I had a really nice time and of course, bought some jewelry.  It should get here soon.  :).  Just what I need, more jewelry.  It was really nice to see some friends I had not seen in a while.  
  • Well, that's about it.  Not much to blog about considering I have not blogged in so long, but wanted to update.  Countdown to the move is on! :)

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