Sunday, September 29, 2013

Perfect Vision

  • Had a recheck appointment at the eye doctor.  My vision is 20/20 in both eyes!  Yay.  So glad I took the plunge and got the eye surgery.  I was nervous for years about it, and am so glad I did it now.
  • Had dinner on Thursday at Fish Bones in Greektown to celebrate my BFF from law school and her husband moving back to MI!  Welcome home Julia.  Also got to see Julie, Jessica and Nancy. Food was awesome, company was better.
  • Vito got sick again this week.  He was really lethargic and would not even eat a treat (which for Vito is unheard of) so Kurt took him back in to the specialist.  His blood sugar count was 7 times what it should be.  So, they had to keep him overnight to do more tests and try to regulate his sugar count.  Anyway, long story short, he was there three nights.  Ends up he now has diabetes and pneumonia.  He finally got to come home Saturday afternoon.  He had meds for the pneumonia.  He also has insulin shots for the diabetes.  We have to give him nightly shots of insulin.  We also have to for the pneumonia 4 times per day steam up the bathroom and take him in there for 10 minutes.  Most high maintenance dog ever.  Poor little guy.  We were really glad to have him home again, the house was pretty quiet without him and I think little Gretel missed her bestest friend.  
  • had dinner on Saturday night with Ron, Erika, Ashleigh and John at Dolce.  Awesome time, even though it took forEVER to get our sushi.  It was crazy, almost 2 hours to get our food.  it was homecoming in Monroe, so I am guessing that had something to do with it.
  • Went today and had a mani/pedi and went to the mall since Kurt was watching football and I like to avoid him on Sundays.  Got some amazing deals at the mall, two tanks on clearance at Express and at Macy's a dress, pair of leggings and two sweaters for winter.  I have been avoiding winter clothes since I will not need them in Costa Rica, but I needed some cardigans to wear over things, got white and black.  Those wear out so quickly since I wear them so much and I did not have any for winter.

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