Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Costa Rican Car

What an exhausting day.

Got up super early to drive to Cuyahoga Falls, OH, to buy our new car for Costa Rica.  Had to go to the bank there first to get a cashiers check and deposit money to get this check.  A simply transaction ended up taking an hour as they could not figure out the transaction since I was getting a check made out from me and not the business to the dealership.  Super frustrating.  We then got to the dealership (finally) and that transaction seemed to take much longer than necessary as well, but finally, drove off with our new Nissan Xterra.  Stopped for lunch at a local Mexican place in Akron that was super yummy, and then drove all the way back home and to the office to briefly check in.  Check out the Meixcan place here:  I had the fish burrito lunch special and it was amazing.  Service was also spectacular and friendly.

Was insanely exhausted after all that.  Ugh.  Glad it's done now.  The problem is, Kurt is now ready to load up the car and leave NOW.  LOL.

Came home, fed my birds and outside animals and as we came in, three gorgeous deer sauntered into the yard.  That kind of stuff makes me SOOOO relaxed and happy to see.  They were just stunning, and it was so nice to stand and watch them saunter around and eat the veggies Kurt leaves out for them that my Aunt is always giving  us when her stuff goes bad.

Even though I was dead tired, I went to the gym and biked 12 miles.  Had no energy to do any more than that, but was glad I made myself do that!  Doing laundry now and trying to catch it up before I leave on Friday night for Florida.

Kurt spoke on two radio shows this week, here is the link to one of them with Jack Blood:  I love how he always says whatever he wants and is never politically correct.

Kurt bought a new supplement at GNC and he did not like it, but told me he thought I would.  I tried it and so far, love it.  I take it about 20 minutes before I work out.  It is ACG3, click here to see:  Anyway, it gives me energy after a long day of work when I dont feel like working out.  Highly recommend.

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Having a hard time finding Kurt's new Costa Rica blog.