Thursday, August 07, 2014


We are dogsitting our neighbor R.J.'s dogs for three weeks (started last Thursday).  He is back in the States getting married.  The dogs are two Yorkies that get along perfectly with the pugs.  But, it is a houseful of pets and kinda crazy!  :).  Luckily, we like dogs more than people..........

I made my own applesauce today.  Apples are not cheap in Costa Rica as the apples we know in the US are not grown here.  However, for some reason, the grocery store had them marked half off today, so I bought some and made awesome applesauce.  It turned out great.  It was pretty simple really, with the exception of the labor of peeling all the apples.  I used 12 apples, so that took me some time.  I had to do two batches too since I did not have a big enough pot to cook them all at once (really need some more kitchen pots here).  Also, used my new food processor and it worked awesome.  Yay!  Here is the recipe:  Also, made another batch of guac while the apples were cooking.  I am a pro, I don't need to even look at the recipe any longer, :).

I also made Vegan Cream of Broccoli soup the other day.  I had broccoli that I needed to use up and this was made.  Super easy and looked yummy, however, it was for Kurt since I don't like broccoli.  I

Next on the list to make is cinnamon bread.  Was going to make tonight, but was kind of worn out from our workout tonight.

We took RJ to the airport on Thursday and afterwards stopped in San Jose to pickup the plates for the scooters.  Got those, then decided to stop at Taco Bar in Escazu for lunch, then Pricesmart to get a membership and Walmart for grass seed.  Pricesmart is like the Costco of Costa Rica.  Americans love it.  Lots of things we are used to from the US, but for reasonable prices instead of the crazy prices the grocery stores charge for American products.  There really is not much American I wanted, however, I really did not want to buy some things in bulk like paper towel, toilet paper.  I also got a food processor much cheaper than they are in Jaco.  We bought a bunch of candy and crap, and were sorry we did after the fact.  Will not be making that mistake next time.  I think it's because we had not seen some of the stuff in so long, we were like OH, that looks good, let's grab that.  Overall, great trip though.  And, we finally found grass seed.  No place in Jaco seems to sell it, or they are out.  Walmart and EPA had it, but WalMart had the kind that I wanted.  Whoot.

Oh!  I finally got mail.  We signed up with this company where you get an address in Miami, and then your mail gets forwarded to Jaco.  You get an email telling you that you have mail and you can pick it up the next day.  All sounds great except that we got an email, went there, nothing. This happened 5 times and they never had our mail.  SOMEHOW a miracle happened today and ALL our mail appeared there.  3 Pinconning Journals (kurt's mom got him a subscription a while back), a card from my sister, and my new drivers license.  Hooray for mail!

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