Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Pool Chairs

We decided when moving here to simply buy things slowly, as we found exactly what we wanted.  We are in no rush to fill the house with "things", and we have no need for having everything done immediately.   I have been watching Craiglist and Jaco boards on Facebook to see if things come up to buy that speak to me....

I previously went to a wedding in Florida for my friend, Katie.  At that wedding, outside, there were there amazing chairs that I loved.  I told Kurt I wanted one, but in Michigan, you cannot really have outside furniture for most of the year, so it was pointless to get one.  Plus, in MI, the only time I really spent outside was working out, not sitting on my back porch relaxing.  Here, we are on the front porch and in the pool area all the time, so awesome furniture makes sense.

Anyway, I saw some awesome chairs listed and HAD to look at them.  So, we headed to Hermosa Palms today, the area where the chairs were at, which is about 15 minutes from where we live.  It is down this horrible dirt road (this road would seriously drive me insane if I lived in Hermosa).  Got there and LOVED the chairs.  The couple had other stuff for sale too, but nothing that we need for the house, unfortunately.  Made an offer on the chairs, she called to get someone to deliver them, and we are the proud owners of some super kewl pool chairs.  We have already napped and hung out in them.  The pugs quickly figured them out too.  I have a feeling that once Bugsy is better and outside again, he will be loving those chairs and will lie right in the center of them.  :).

Tonight, I was proud of myself.  I really wanted to skip the gym and get fish tacos or a mahi burger from this new place that opened under the gym.  The chef is from this place that closed that I loved called Bohio's.  Bohio's closed because the owner is in prison for money laundering or something and awaiting trial.  So, Bohio's closed, and I guess the chef opened a new place.  It's nothing fancy at all, but I am guessing the food is incredible.  Of course, it's right under the gym and tempts me daily.  Then Kurt says, you know, you really can take a night off from working out, you work out twice a day.  He was NOT helping at all.  Anyway, I said no, I want to work out, and we did, and I made healthy dinners.  That may not be the case next time, LOL.


RoseAnn said...

Those chairs are simply amazing!

Katie Gennaro said...

Woo! I'm glad my wedding inspired some furniture choices! hahaha... they look great :)

Familylawyer said...

Love the pool chairs ! Thinking of getting them for our pool !
Costa Rica is truly paradise !
Sue W.