Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cooking in Costa Rica and Sushi Wednesdays!

I have been cooking a lot in Costa Rica and eating a lot at home.  Trying out a lot new recipes.  Some good, some not.

One of my most recent favorites is falafel burgers.  SO good. The recipe makes exactly enough for Kurt and I for dinner.  I make them and put them over rice, and add some fresh guac and hot sauce to the top.  The first time I added some black beans to the rice as well, so it was kinda a mix of a Costa Rican and Middle Eastern meal.  Have made that twice, both times super good.

Another meal I made recently I really liked was pasta with cauliflower alfredo sauce.  So, healthy alfredo sauce!  Made oregano garlic parmesan toast to go with it.  Kurt was not a huge fan of the cauliflower sauce, but I loved it.  It made a lot, so I froze the remainder.

I also made a homemade spicy marinara sauce to go with pasta, with extra to freeze.  That one was a winner for everyone in the household.  Whoot.   This recipe is flawed that I posted though.  It said to use 4 oz of tomatoes, and I knew that could not be right, that is barely a serving.  So, I upped it to 28 oz as I saw other recipes called for.

I made these pancakes in muffins tins.  You can't see from the pic but they cave in the middle so you can put fruit or whatever in them.  I just put the fruit all over the top for Kurt with syrup.  He liked them a lot, but there were way too many.  Next time need to freeze the remainder or have them the next meal.


We don't drink very often, but the other day at the grocery store, Kurt found Rum and Coke in a can!  He of course has to buy it.  He liked them both, but the Bamboo brand slightly more.  And my vodka drink was super yummy.


We are still eating out only about once a week unless we have friends visiting.  However, I recently discovered that Jaco sushi places have half off on Wednesdays!  So last Wednesday, we ventured out to Tsunami Sushi for half off.  The entire menu is not half off, but about 75% of the sushi rolls are.  We had an awesome meal.  We will def be doing that more on Wednesdays.  Really enjoyed the meal.


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Unknown said...

Everything sounds good. I live how you are enjoying cooking! The apple really doesn't fall from the tree😝