Saturday, September 27, 2014

Antoinette's Birthday Fun

Our friends, Antoinette and Doug, asked if we wanted to meet up for sushi last Friday.  Of course we did!  I found out the morning before they got here that it was also Antoinette's birthday, which she had failed to tell me!  Facebook knows all..........

Anyway, luckily, no rain.  We recommended I Love Sushi because they were bringing their puppies and we needed outdoor seating.  Met there, we pulled up and parked just as they were pulling up.  Got an outdoor table.  Food was amazing, and Kurt had a few too many drinks. I had an amazing banana smoothie. It was an fabulous lunch with awesome people.  We had a great time.  walked around Jaco a little afterwards do Doug and Kurt could buy grass seed (almost impossible to find in this country) and Antoinette could look for a shirt she wanted and saw the last time they were here.  She found the shirt, as well as a dress, and the boys got their grass seed that was finally in.  They bought the place out (of all 2 boxes).  I told them we need to do sushi for every birthday.

Had to get something notarized and learned some things about that system.  basically, only lawyers can be notaries in Costa Rica.  Also, not all lawyers are notarizes, it's a specialized training on top of being a lawyer, much more intense that in the US where you basically fill out some documents and send them in.  I was a notary, but I needed m signature notarized so I had to find someone here.  It was easy, just picked a lawyer's office, went in, he spoke English, signed and that was it.  Easy peasy.

We thought we were getting out car back this week, talked to our lawyer again today, and now customs is saying within 20 days.  I would scream, but I look at things differently here and it is what it is.  this is not the country to be pushy or not patient.  Things take time.

A company came to our house today in relation to solar panels.  They also gave us some ideas on conserving energy in the house.  We have to go to the municipality tomorrow to get our wiring and architectural pictures and get them to the guys, and then we go from there.  We are getting panels as well as a system that heats water.  Pretty soon, we will be like totally off the grid!  Also, because of the amount of panels we are getting, we may end up having almost zero bills per month.  Basically, if you use less energy than the panels produce, then ICE, the electric company, buys the energy back from you.  They then apply it to other bills you have, like internet, cell phones, satellite.  So, if we may have no regular utility bills by the time we are done each month.  Our only bills per month then would be food and gas for the car/scooter.  And then other yearly bills like insurances and the like.


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