Sunday, June 11, 2006

Picture Posting Probs

I have not posted in over a week because I was having issues posting pics to this site, and I could not figure it out. In fact, I still have not totally figured it out, but I switched over to Mozilla from Internet Explorer and the pics are uploading in Mozilla, so I guess I will just keep using this browser. Many I have talked to prefer it anyway, so perhaps I should just bite the bullet and switch to it totally. So, I added some pics to my last post, in case you want to see those, look below.

So, to recap on the past week, let's start with last Sunday. Gretel and I met up with Rebecca and Simon in Grosse Pointe Shores at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House for the walk ro raise funds for the Humane Society. We had a blast and Gretel was a freaking angel! She had never walked on a leash prior to that day and she did it like she has known how to her entire life! Simon was perfect as well, :). We had so much fun, and the entire way home, Gretel slept in my lap, she was SOO exhausted. I was so proud of her for being such a good girl.

The rest of the week has been tiring, as usual. BARBRI classes every night, and on one day, I had class for 7 hours straight because of a make-up session I had to do from Kurt being in the hospital that one night.

Kory's 21st b-day was on Tuesday night, and him and Kurt went out to celebrate. I met them at Pete's Garage around 1130 p.m., as I had previous plans to see Wicked at the Masonic with my Aunt. We had dinner at Seldom Blues beforehand and it was one of the best meals I have had in a long time. I had a lobster meal, with shrimp/lobster bisque soup and we split mocha souffle for dessert. Yummy. I highly recommend the place to anyone who wants a nice night out. Plus, we got $25 off our meal with a coupon, and free dessert, so that was great. The show was incredible. It was one of the best ones I have ever seen. Maybe THE best. It wasa long, but it just flew by. AND, we had amazing seats, which rocked because the show sold out pretty much every night and day it was there.

Also, planted flowers last weekend. I have three huge pots on my bricks posts in front of the house, and a tiered flower thing on the front porch, so I bought flowers for all of those. They are really easy to plant, and already, a week later, are like double in size!

We also got the cars out and washed them, they both really needed it. It was fun to pull them in the yard and wash them.........

The pugs and Bugsy LOVED watching from the front door. So, of course, I had to snap a pic.

Saw a rainbow in our yard that same late afternoon, the weather was so weird that day, raining on and off, so this was pretty kewl.

That same night, Kurt and I with the puggies took a long walk in the yard and I shot this pic......Our yard is so incredible now. When we moved in, it was bare and farmland and since we have planted stuff and just let it go, we have so many trees and wildlife. It's turning into exactly what we wanted.

Kory put the solar lights I bought at the end of summer last year in by our sidewalk leading up to the front porch...they look SO good. And, buying them on eBay, I saved SO much money. Thanks Kory!

So, moving on to this weekend. Last night, we had dinner with Julia and Jay at Annam in Dearborn, one of my fav places. It is Vietnamese and awesome. Service and food both. We had a great time.

Both Saturday AND Sunday, I went hiking in Sterling State Park, which is up the street. I got some awesome shots, and posted them all to an online photo album. Click here to see it.

Last and final thing in this novel of a post, I am now a published photographer. A pic I took of Kurt in Red Rock Canyon was published in the Detroit News/Free Press last Sunday! The article, I need to put on here, but the pic that was published is below. I was so excited, and Kurt was harassed at court by other attys. HEHE.


Lisa said...

Lori, I love your photography! And I have to say this pics of your pets watching you out your door is just the best pic ever!

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