Friday, June 30, 2006

Day Two

Another hellacious BARBRI day. 9-5 again, but this time, non-stop lectures. And, they had to end with Con Law, which is the worst subject freaking EVER. I could barely stay awake. But, I did get a great review of the three subjects done today. Excitingly, I get to go back tomorrow for more fun, 9-5. Yea! (heavy sarcasm noted).
Took Scott to the beach house to show him around. We are closing next Friday and then Kurt and Kory will start renovations.......Hopefully we can get this done and sold before summer is over.
Kurt and I went for a walk in the yard tonight, which I love. The pugs love it too, and I love how they know the exact path to take every time. Some of the vegetation in the yard is SO tall, about 7 feet now.

Yesterday, Kory saw two deer in the yard! I think I saw the same two last summer, but it's exciting they are back! he got two pics with my camera, since I was at work.

Need to get some rest.

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Cynthia said...

Beautiful pic of you and the water background!
How much longer do you have for these classes?