Sunday, June 25, 2006

Trying to Catch Up...Also trying to stay awake to do so....

OK. I am so freaking behind, so I am going to try and get some catching up done here before I get too tired.

Last Friday, Kurt, Kory and I went to Canton to the Liberty Fest with Aunt Karen and Carl. We were to see a Blooze Brothers concert and go to dinner. It was a blast. The concert was great, and we walked around the art fair and played some Bingo, which Kory had never played before. Afterwards, we ate at Ashoka, an Indian place, and the food was fab, as usual. Click here to see my album of photos from that event.

Saturday, during the day, Rebecca and I went to the Toledo zoo. It was really hot out, but I had a great time. I love taking pictures of animals and seeing them. Click here to see my album of photos from that event. That night, we went to Royal Oak to the Comedy Club and dinner at Monterey Cantina, which is one of my fav Mexican places to eat.

Sunday, I went to Sterling State and hiked a little bit, got some new pics.

All week was exhausting....class class and more class. Oh, and throw in a full week of work. Blah.

Saturday, I went hiking with Lesley and got to show her Sterling State Park. It was fun to actually get to hike with someone else! I usually go by myself because I don't want to bore others with my constant stopping to snap pics, but Lesley likes to take pics too, so it worked out well! We ate lunch at Denny's afterwards and took her for a walk in the yard.

Saturday night, we did the comedy club and dinner at Mongolian with Rebecca.

Today, I went to a baby shower for my friend Melanie, held at Tammy's house. It was a beautiful "surprise" baby shower. Mel was actually surprised too!

I was shocked because since she lives next store to Tammy and is over there all the time, I did not think they would be able to keep it a secret.

It was nice to see everyone over there, as I had not seen that group of my friends in forever because of my schedule. also, got to pick up the scrapbooking tools I bought at the party at Mel's (which was forever ago). Shows I need to get to that side of town more often! :).

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Rebecca said...

I LOVE the pic that you took of Kurt and Kory, the B&W one (number 33 I think)....classic action shot, they don't even know you're taking it, great angle, great pic in general (as they all are!)