Sunday, February 22, 2009

Party with the Office

**Jessica, Misty and I
Friday night, Misty had the go ahead to go out for the night, so everyone from the office decided to go out to Malarkey's for dinner and drinks. It was a fun night, although jessica could not stay long since Matt was coming down to visit for the weekend and she had to get back to her apartment.

**me and Kurty
I did one shot at the start of the night, but that was the extent of my drinking. The shot was called an "alcoholic jolly rancher" and it was super yummy. Kurt drank a few too many rum and cokes, and Misty was totally cracking me up. it's weird how we have worked with her for so long, but never really been out on a social level (prob because she has three kids and does not go out very often at all). We played darts for a while, and Kurt and I left at 1030 p.m. to go home.

**Jessica, Misty and kory
I got pulled over on my way home near our house, LOVELY. I kinda lucked out though....I had no seatbelt on for some reason (which is weird, since I always wear my seatbelt), did not have my insurance on me, was going 15 over (60 in a 45), and had a light out in my license plate (that I did not know about). The cop only wrote me up for 5 over.....I am still going to fight the ticket though because I have a perfect record and want to keep it that way.

**Pic above is of Kory's "strip tease" while playing darts. He was hot, and was taking off his button down work shirt to reveal his Shimek Cherry Orchard t-shirt.
One thing I learned tonight.? The iPhone takes really crappy pics, LOL.

Saturday, we got a huge storm here, so Kurt and i stayed in the entire day and night. It was nice. I needed a day to just chill, we have been going out a little too much lately. Today, we worked most of the day and did not get home until dinner time. Worked out, made dinner, and am chilling out now. Really need to do some more laundry though.......


Rachael said...

omg Lori... how do you have all of those ticket worthy infractions lined up and only get off with 5 over?! You must have been just sweet as pie! My luck (and mouthy tendencies) I would have probably gotten arrested!

Lori H said...

I think Kurt was annoyed with me too because I was really mad i got the ticket and he thought i got off easy. I never get tickets. I get pulled over and smile my way out of them, I thought I got it because kurt was in the car with me, haha.

Katie said...

LOL, I also would have gotten arrested! How did you manage to get out of that!?

.................Nancy said...

How can you fight a ticket for 5 over when you had all that other stuff slide off?? Give us tips!! hehe

Lori H said...

Nancy: In MI, if you have a good record, you can just show up and they will usually make you pay a fine, but will take your ticket down to impeding traffic, which is no points, thus meaning my insurance will not go up. Fingers crossed it works!