Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where to Go?

Made tartar sauce tonight! Used this recipe. Have not tried it, because I hate tartar sauce. Made it for Kurt and did not make seafood tonight, so it is chilling in the frig and I will post if it's good or not upon consumption. ;).

Bought two books at lunch today. We are trying to decide where to go on Lori's Annual Birthday Adventure.....I think we are leaning towards either Guatemala or London. I bought books on both. The London book is really overwhelming. I guess I never realized how much stuff there was in London to see! There is enough to explore for like a freaking month! Crazy. either place would be kewl though. Guatemala looks like it would be similar to Nicaragua. So, Jenn, if you have any ideas on London, PLEASE email me so I don't feel so overwhelmed. No idea even where to start on that trip.

The last few weeks have been crazy with travel and work and the working out kinda fell to the wayside. I started again this week though and it feels really good to be in my gym every night again. I like my time down there alone...I think it relaxes me, oddly. I can read (if biking), watching The Gilmore Girls (I am on Season 6 now), and get a workout in. I always kinda feel at peace afterwards and it was really annoying me with working so many hours that it got cut out for a couple weeks or so.

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE London!! I'll email you my favorite things to do :)

I need my 'alone' time too, which is usually a walk in the evenings. Completely relaxing and I feel much better afterward.

Brittany said...

Oh, London would be fun!!

Katie said...

London was absolutely amazing both times I went!! I totally Love (with a capital L!) that city. It's so much fun.

Recommendations in brief:
- Buckingham Palace!! Amaaaaazing.
- Big Ben (for sure!) - if you take a tour, you'll find out that the structure is actually called Tower Clock, and Big Ben is the bell inside (at least, I think that's what it was, from my recollection... it's been almost 10 years! LOL)
- a river tour of the Thames
- Camden Place (I think that's what it was called)
- Picadilly Circus

There's also lots of great museums, shopping, nightlife (even though I was a little on the young side, so I didn't really do much of it), pubs, etc.

Miss Thang said...

Ooooh! London sounds *so* fun!

Cheryl said...

Wherever you go, take lots of pictures!

RoseAnn said...

I would love to go back to London. We were there for just over a week and it was not enough to see nearly everything we wanted to!

.................Nancy said...

London is on my Top 5 vacations list!! I so want to visit it!