Thursday, February 05, 2009

RBG--My Hero

Probably the person I idolize the most in life and want to be like is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. For those of you who are not in the legal world like I am, she is a Supreme Court Justice, and is extremely liberal in her viewpoints. Probably the most far left on the Court right now.

She has been my hero since I started on this legal journey of mine... I think if I ever met her, I would burst into tears because I would be SOOO excited. I looked for her when we were in DC last year, but court was not in session at that time, so my chances were pretty much zero, LOL.

And today, i read this article, about her fight with pancreatic cancer, and it made me really sad. :(. I am glad they caught it early, but I am still worried about it.

Even though I know they would appoint another women most likely, nobody will ever be like Ruth for me. I have seriously thought about naming my future daughter after her, but I don't really like the name Ruth, LOL. That is how much I look up to her.

So, everyone, please keep Ruth in your thoughts and hope she gets better! :).


.................Nancy said...

That's sad :( *Hugs* At first I thought this was a photo editing software hero (red blue green hehe)

colfin2002 said...

She was profiled on the Today Show this morning... thought of you! ;)

Lori H said...

I would have watched if I knew it was on! :). How kewl.