Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving and the Rest of the Week

I started this post on 11/21. Just finishing it now. So sad how slow i am at getting things posted.....

I bought a humidifier for our bedroom. This time of year, I start waking up in the middle of the night, really thirsty. Like my throat is insanely dry. Bought this one at Target. It says you only have to put water in every 36 hours. I think that's only if it's on low, as I had to put in water after about 24 hours (on high). Which is fine. So far, I really like it, and, it is not as ugly as your normal humidifier. Since this post is so old, I have now been using the humidifier for like a week and I really like it. I am not waking up in the middle of the night desperate for water. Whoot!

Work has been crazy busy with expansion stuff as well as every day stuff. I went in today and worked part of the day myself. I filed 9 bankruptcies and some other bankruptcy docs, then stopped and went to the mall to stop at a few stores. I love being at the office when the phone is not ringing off the hook and nobody is stopping in. SOOOO productive for paperwork. While I was there, Kurt was working on our bedroom. We bought paint this morning, as well as new covers for the light switches and outlets (silver), and two new lights for the room. I need to search online for a new ceiling fan. I personally do not want to put another ceiling fan up. I want to just put lights up and be done, but Kurt wants a fan. I am going to look for something smaller, because we do not have really high ceilings in our room. Anyway, the paint looks awesome. I love it. Our room is like a mini-spa now or something. :). We bought a flat screen TV on Black Friday for the room, and hung that as well. It is nice to be able to turn the TV on in the morning and sit there until we fully wake up. Also, it will be nice for those late night games Kurt watches, he can watch from bed and I can sleep! Whoot!

Speaking of Black Friday, we actually wandered out on that day, which Kurt never does and I rarely do. We found a new winter coat for Kurt at Macy's. He cannot find his mid-length coat from last year that I bought him. Please explain to me how someone LOSES a winter coat, LOL. I am sure it will turn up. They are both nice wool coats, so he will just have two. My opinion is, you can never have too many classic coats! OK, maybe that is just a sign I am addicted to coats. In MI, I at least get wear out of all of them. We also got Kurt two new baseball hats at Lids, and looked at cameras at Best Buy (did not buy anything, they are overpriced there). I am really wanting the Canon 50D, however, I am having a hard time justifying buying it since the camera I have is perfectly fine.

Speaking of coats, I finally found a black coat that will work for over my suits!!! I found it at Kohl's, while shopping with Rebecca. Then, my addict self went to Macy's today, as I had a $10 coupon off and found an amazing deal on this coat....I have been wanting a green coat for like two years, and could never find one I really liked on. I generally do not like this short of a coat, but this one is really cute.

Saturday late afternoon, I headed to Clawson to see Rebecca. We headed to a couple stores before having dinner with Lauren and Sarah. Stopped at Kohl's, where Rebecca picked up some things she needed. I bought a really cute winter hat (that Kurt hates and I have no idea why) and some freezer storage things that I have been wanting to pick up. I have been making "extra" of a lot of my meals lately, and storing them, but have nothing really good to store the stuff in. We then went to DSW and I bought a pair of cute work heels that are similar to these. Two pairs of my black heels are about falling apart and I need to replace them, even though I am attached........Both pairs are super comfy and cute, and I will only get rid of them when I have to. Went with Rebecca, Lauren and Sarah to dinner, which was super fun, then hung out some at rebecca's afterwards.

So, Thanksgiving, Kurt and I stayed home and had my Dad over (we are doing a bigger family thing tomorrow). I made my Dad steak (ended up buying a New York Strip), made Kurt and I grilled tuna, and made scalloped potatoes, homemade mac and cheese, and made up fruit/veggie trays and a cheese/cracker tray (it was fun making the veggie trays, as I only used stuff I knew my Dad and Kurt liked, so it was a little different than your normal tray, LOL, mostly contained cucumers, radishes, broccoli, apples, strawberries). Also, made a chocolate cream pie for dessert, as it is like the only dessert my Dad likes (pie). I used a graham cracker crust, and my Dad just raved about it, so I guess the recipe gets a thumbs up! We basically sat around watching football, playing cards, and Kurt had a few too many rum and cokes. Whoopsie! :). It was a great laid-back Thanksgiving.

We are getting soooo close to our trip! Kurt had to start taking his Malaria meds tonight! (we take different scrips as the one I take bothers Kurt's stomach). The one Kurt is on now "may cause vivid nightmares", so that will be interesting since Kurt rarely even remembers his dreams, or even has them. I dont have to start taking mine until the day before we get there.

Oscar has been acting weirdly the past couple days. We are thinking he may have arthritis, but I think he is kinda young for that, since he is only 6 (almost 7). He may have just hurt his leg. He was walking around last night, acting like he was hurting and would not even jump on the bed, but then today, he seemed better. We hate taking them to the emergency vet, so I will make an appointment on monday for him at the regular vet.

So, the other day, I ordered some clothes from a new website, for our trip. Hope they fit OK. I just wanted some clothing better suited for the safari then I have, and I found a coupon for this site, and everything I bought was on clearance (pretty much). I also had been wanting a hat for the trip, as the sun in Africa is supposedly really harsh. So, I found this site, ExOfficio, and the stuff seems pretty high quality (anyone ever use this site??). I bought all capris and shorts (I have a lot of t-shirts and tanks already I can take with me on the trip. Just looked on FedEx and I should have it all Monday (looks like they tried to deliver Friday and Saturday and we were not there). I got these shorts, these capris, these capris, and this hat. Got another pair of shorts too that I guess are now not available. also bought this hat on eBay (have not yet received it either, but they said they shipped it).

Anyway, I am super tired, so I am going to close here. Hope everyone had a really nice holiday, and if you shopped, got some great deals!!!! :).


.................Nancy said...

Cute Stuff!!

Andrea said...

sigh...I want that green coat so badly. It's super cute!

Lori H said...

Well, since you are pregnant, you should wait until late winter, it will be WAY marked down, even moreso than I got. Then buy it, and wait for next winter! Voila! Cheap, adorable coat! In green. And then, the baby can have a little matching winter coat. hehe. Cuz green is neutral and all. And I dont know the baby's sex yet.