Sunday, November 08, 2009

Still Sick

Still not feeling well, but feeling much better than I was the day I stayed home from work. Still on the prescription and taking Mucinex, but i went to work on Thursday and Friday and did some stuff outside the house this weekend. I notice that I am still getting tired more quickly than usual, so I am trying not to overdo it.

Saturday, Kurt and I went to the Michigan/Purdue game with our friend, Mike, and his wife, Mary. Mike is a friend of ours who is an attorney. He is on the other side of many of our cases, and he is a really kewl, laidback guy. Very "nonattorney" like. LOL. Anyway, Mike took us to a tailgate party, took us to watch the drums for the band warm up (which was awesome, they are incredible) and got us into the game with NO waiting in line (gotta love the secrets of the season ticket holders). Our seats were aMAZing, on the 50 yard line. MI lost the game, but I had an amazing time, and the weather was more than awesome, especially for November. I started feeling kinda tired after the game, so we came home and chilled for the rest of the night.

Today, I wanted to go to Trader Joe's, and I usually go to the one in Northville since it is near my Aunt's house in Canton. My Dad was over there and had taken my Grama to the hair salon, so we all met up and went to lunch at Max and Erma's. Then, Auntie and I went to TJs and I stocked up on fish, cheese, and chili, and bought some bread since I was almost out. BTW, tried the bread tonight (I have never bought bread there before), and super yummy! I bought sourdough. The guys were over today and put up the new ceiling fans which look even more kewl than I thought! I need to take pics, but am being lazy right now. They also fixed our recessed lighting which had issues, and fixed the breaker issue I was having in the kitchen, but splitting apart some of the plugs. they are coming back tomorrow to go through the rest of the house. We found out the guy is a licensed builder and can do pretty much whatever we want, so we are going to put together a list and see what is worth paying people for and what is not.

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Feel better soon!!

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