Sunday, November 15, 2009


So, I have not posted anything *real* since Monday! Work has been busy. Even though we are working more regular hours, the hours I am there are pretty crazy! I also had two board meetings this week on top of work. Friday, we had the last in the series of three shots for the rabies vaccine and now, we are DONE. Well, until we go to Asia anyway. There is some vaccine for that part of the world that we do not have yet. I cannot believe Africa is getting so close! It's crazy. Friday night, Kurt and went to dinner to relax.

Saturday, we did a lot of stuff around the house, me--cleaning and laundry, Kurt--working on tile in one of the downstairs bathrooms. That night, Val, Larry, Val's boyfriend Dan, and Larry's friend Mike, came over to go to dinner. We have not seen Larry in forEVER, and he seemed so TALL. I think he is like 6'3 now. He wants to go to law school and will prob start in Fall 2011. His friend, Mike, is in law school now, and really wanted to ask Kurt and I questions about having our own firm and stuff like that. He is only 22, married, has a 3 year old and is in law school. It's pretty incredible how much he has accomplished so far. Anyway, dinner was really good and it was a really fun night.

Today, we chilled at home again. I did some grocery shopping (and saved $47 with coupons, whoot), and Kurt and I ran some errands at Lowe's and Petsmart. Bought Gretel two new sweaters. She looks adorable. Kurt did some more tile work in the basement and we shopped for tile for the other basement bathroom. We also stopped and looked at kitchen stuff and I found an awesome cabinet set I really liked. I cannot wait unti we redo the kitchen someday.

The black coat I ordered from Ideeli was delivered this week, and the watch. The coat was cute, but not exactly what I want, so I sent it back. It was kinda more fitted than I wanted. I need something that is kinda baggy to wear over suits at work. The watch though, I love. I need to take it in to get links taken out, but it is really cute.

Oh, and the ring I ordered that was too big when it came? The right size was delivered this week! Super yay. I love it.
Made two recipes for dinner tonight from my Kraft magazine. The first, a peanut butter cup pie, and the second, a cheese-lover's pasta roll-ups. Both were super yummy and I highly recommend. The pie is really rich though, so I suggest small slices when eating. With the rollups, I made the whole recipe, but I froze most of it. I would much rather warm that up for kurty than storebought stuff.

Finally took a pic of the ceiling fans we bought, here is a close up of one of them (there are two, right next to one another, on the ceiling in the great room):

Anyway, hope everyone has been doing well. I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving. Trying to decide what I want to do for that holiday this year. :).


Rachael said...

love the new ring!

Megan said...

Two thumbs up!

.................Nancy said...

Wow I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like those fans! Very unique!

Candice said...

We make a pb pie too. So YUM!!!