Monday, August 09, 2010

So Little Time.........

I have so many little things that need to be done, and seem to have so little time to get it all done! Ugh.

We literally need work done on ALL our cars.

Just took the Saab in. Can't recall if I posted about this or not, but when Rebecca and I drove to Manistee a few weekends back, two deer jumped in front of my car, my car that was going 75 MPH. Yep, I did not even have time to swerve. Hit one and did some damage to the front of the car, but was thankful that Rebecca and I were OK and the car was driveable. It was pretty incredible there was not more damage, really. I was pretty sad about it though, I felt horrible that I killed an innocent creature. So, Saab is being fixed. Should be done by the end of the week and most of it covered by insurance (except part of the deductible, the shop covered some of that too).

Kurt's Porsche's top will not go back up, it is stuck down. Which is OK if it never rains, LOL. We are going to try and take that in tomorrow morning to the guy we use in Monroe. Jeep's AC is not working. And the poor Saturn is on it's last legs. Kurt thinks the transmission is going, and if he is correct, we will prob donate it to charity or trade it in for something new if I can get anything for it. Have had that car for almost 10 years, how crazy is that. I will be kinda sad to see it go though, it was a GREAT reliable car. And, my Grampa helped me with it getting me the GM discount and the loan since I had no established credit at that time. My Grampa has since passed away, so it reminds me of him. :(. I think I may need to replace it with another GM to honor him! :).

I am getting a much needed pedicure tomorrow night. Yay.

We are hiring people to finish up some projects in the house, which thrills me. kurt loves working on the house and is great at it, but he just does not have the time to finish stuff. Our house is huge, so each project takes 10 times longer than it would have at our old house. He hired my friend Hollie's husband (who has his own contracting business) to finish the drywall and paint the basement, as well as fix some tiles on the roof that have fallen, and fix the drop ceiling in my gym. Someone is coming tomorrow night to look at the tile work that Kurt started in the two bathrooms in the basement. He got about half way on both and did not finish because of time. So, that will be nice to have that done.

I need to make the pugs a vet appointment, all three are due for some shots. Bad Mom.

OK, all this talk about things I need to do is exhausting me.........Off to do some laundry.


Candice said...

Wow, busy, busy!

Crazy story about the deer!! Glad you guys were okay. Phew! I would've felt bad about the deer too, but it wasnt your fault.

If you need a GM discount, Joel can get you one.

I agree with you on hiring out some work. You can't do everything!! There are only 24 hrs /day!

Nicole said...

Woo! Glad you didn't get hurt!