Sunday, August 08, 2010

Where to Start, Where to Start.....

Oh, my blogging is just horrendous these days. There are so not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I need to do. It feels like I am running around endlessly these days. So, when I am feeling that way, what do I do?

Book a flight to someplace far, far away! That's right, folks, the Haskell Labor Day trip is starting to be planned! Kurt has been bugging me for at least a month to make a decision, and like a ton of places have been looked up and put on the list, such as Bermuda (shot down as it looks like the only stuff to do these is snorkel, boat, etc. and since Kurt is not a huge water person, it would be much more fun for me....hey, that might be OK? haha), Costa Rica (Tortugero area to see the nesting sea turtles and it's an area we have not been to yet), Glacier National Park in Montana (I have always wanted to go here, but it looks slightly chilly in September), Alaska (like flying to one town and exploring, but the flight is kinda long for a short trip), Panama (just to explore again since we loved it there), Honduras (not the islands, but the area where there is jungle), and Colombia. Narrowed it down to Honduras and Colombia. Looked up flights, and VOILA, the price I found on a flight to Colombia made the decision easy for me....$242.50 roundtrip (which includes taxes and everything). That is SO insanely cheap. Cheaper than flying to most US prices. Whoot. We will be flying to Bogata, but I have no set plans yet. It looks like there is enough just in Bogata to keep us busy for the 5 nights we will be there, but I will have to research more. Speaking of research, I am so freaking behind on the December trip. It is normally booked likes months before now. Ugh. Cannot wait for Colombia though. Have to buy a ton of coffee though, I have already had three requests!

This weekend was busy. Shocker there. Friday night, had dinner out for fish tacos with Kurty. It's pretty funny when we are seated at the restaurant and the hostess tells our server "the people who get the fish tacos just got seated in your section". Saturday, we did a ton.......worked part of the morning, went and bought two travel books, had lunch, went back to the office to work some more, went to Art Van and finally found furniture for the living room, AND it was in the clearance center, which thrills me. We really wanted to get something that was easier to clean, since the dogs are allowed on the couches in the Haskell household and keeping it clean is near impossible with fabric. Also, we do not want to buy leather, so we have limited selections. The stuff we ended up buying looks like leather, but is not. So, we killed zero animals, and have furniture that is easier to keep clean keeping in mind the animals in my house! :). AND, they delivered it today, one day later, on the weekend. Score. The guys were super nice, took our old stuff out to the curb (for extra $$ of course, LOL). Also cleaned this weekend, and had dinner with Larry, Val and Dan, and Val brought Lucky to play with the pugs. They all love one another.

Anyway, off to bed. Will post more soon, I promise, and pinky swear! :).

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Diane said...

1. I am so jealous of your upcoming trip and amazing deal. You know I am excited to see all the pictures and live vicariously through you. ;o)

2. Awesome job with the sofa! Titi is allowed on the couch too; right now we just have a cheapie from Ikea. NEVER will we get anything white or light colored again! The 2 chairs in the living room are sooooo dirty from her (and G's friend Seb, lol).