Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Weekend

Had a super busy weekend after my dinner out Friday night meeting Megan, Chris and Nate!

Saturday morning, I ran in the 1st Cabrini High School 5K. This race was held during the Cabrini summer festival. Anyway, I talked Melanie and Todd into running, and Kory took Kurt's spot since Kurt was out of town visiting family. We all got there in time, and there was not a huge turnout. Most of the runners appeared to be high school track and cross country students, so we pretty much knew we were getting our asses kicked, haha. Anyway, it was Mel and kory's first 5K. The race was pretty organized, since it was new. The beginning and end of the race were on grass that needed to be cut, and I had a hard time with that compared to the part of it on the sidewalk and road. Anyway, my time ended up being 27:51. Todd came in shortly after me, then Kory, then Mel. It was a lot of fun. After that, i went home and did some stuff around the house, then headed to Farmington Hills to see my Mom and other family. She had come down from Manistee for a wedding shower on Sunday. Got there, and her, Carolyn and I went to a couple stores (Kohl's, Joann's, and Marshall's). I got a cute black belt at Kohl's. Had lunch made by Lisa next, and then headed out that night to the Tigers game. It was CRAZY downtown as there was a Taylor Swift concert and the Tigers game, right next to one another. Uncle Tim has priority parking in greektown, so he went to go in there. This next part is sad, but they would not let Carolyn (who is 15) or I in the parking garage as we did not have ID and you have to be 21. Yea........seriously. So, we got out with my Mom and waited for them to park. The game was awesome. Our seats were incredible, right behind visitors dugout. Tigers won, and we stayed to watch the aftergame fireworks. Headed home after that.

Today, slept in with Kurt since he did not get home until like 330 in the morning from wisconsin. We went to the park and ran 5.2 miles after that, great run. Perfect weather for it. After that, I went to work to try and organize my desk and ran to NY and Co to use a coupon I had ($40 off $100). Got some great stuff and deals. I needed a white tank for this one suit I have, which I found. Also got a cute shirt for work, another for casual and a casual dress and nicer dress for work (or not).

Have been relaxing at home since (after some grocery shopping). Tried to get Kurt to go for a bike ride with me, but he refused. meanie. I guess he's tired from being outside all day running with me this morning and doing yardwork the rest of the day. :).



COL said...

You're looking so awesome Lori! LOVE the dresses!!!

Lori H said...

Thanks Colleen! I am wearing the one dress to work today. Wondering if it's too low cut for court, but am going with "it's OK cuz my suit coat kinda covers it up". LOL.

Megan said...

I love the shirts and dresses! I'm overdue for a NY&Co shopping trip :)

Lori H said...

I never go there unless I have a great coupon, so I only go once in a while, but I always find enough stuff to use the coupon! :). I love their jewelry too.