Thursday, June 09, 2011

Kurt's 2nd 5K--Dexter Ann Arbor

Sooooo, last Sunday, we did Kurt's 2nd 5K of the year. It was in Dexter Ann Arbor, and supported a local hospital, children's hospital and another medical type charity for the blind. Anyway, parking was a PAIN. they suggested parking in a lot, but when we got there, it was full and street parking in Ann Arbor is IMPOSSIBLE. We ended up parking in a bank parking lot and hoping we did not get towed.........

Took a shuttle from downtown to a local school where the run started. There were 1793 people in the 5K (as well as more people in a 10K and a half marathon. I ran it in 26:42, which was my personal best, WHOOT, and Kurt ran it in 28:41, which was his personal best. I got 7th in my age group! The race was nice, until the end where we had to run up a big hill. Great workout, but I was about ready to throw up when I thought I was done, and then saw the hill........LOL.

Had dinner on Saturday night with our friends, Cliff and Lisa, whom we have not seen in forever. We ate at Fiamma in Plymouth, and it was super yummy. We took a walk through downtown Plymouth after dinner......Super nice night.

Weigh in on Sunday, and I was down another 1.4 pounds from two Sundays ago (since I did not weigh in while out of town). I was pleasantly suprised with this since we ate out Saturday night. :). Down a total of 66 pounds now. My running has been going really well, I have been running further and further with each run, and it is getting easier to go those further distances.

Anyway, I have been sooooo busy and need to get to bed. I will try and post about Puerto Rico soon! :).

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