Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend Recap--Happy Father's Day

**Before the race, at Kurt's Mom's house, photo courtesy of Scott Haskell.

Busy week!

Had a super fun time at the Pinconning Cheesetown Challenge yesterday. Kurt's hometown has had this race and festival for the past 28 years. There is a two mile race and a 5 mile race and you can run one or both races. The 2 mile is first, followed 30 minutes later by the 5 mile. Anyway, Kurt and I decided over Mother's Day weekend when we were visiting his Mom to run the 5 Mile. Drove up there Saturday afternoon and picked up our packets (which included a kewl shoe thing that tracked your time), and waited at his Mom's until race time. Headed out to the race and Scott (Kurt's bro visiting from FL) came as our cheering squad. Anyway, the race was nice. I did not like the parts through grass (which was prob about a mile total two different times), but the rest of it was nice. I was just hoping to finish in under 50 minutes. I always have a hard time at the start becuz I start out running slowly and see everyone speed by me, and I always want to run faster, but stop myself. No different in this race. Kurt and I ran together for about half a mile, then I started to inch ahead. I kept trying to pick out girls in the age group and pass them, LOL. Which is absurd since my age group is only 5 years (30-34) so like I could really pick people out. I started trying to really push myself at 3.5 miles, then more at 4. I know the people who start off really strong get tired at the end, and I am kinda the opposite (wanting to save energy until the end). Ended up finishing in 42:59. Was so super psyched, since I just wanted to come in under 50 minutes! :). Awesome time for me. Kurt finished under his goal as well. He finished in 46:56, and his goal was to finish under 49:08 (his fastest 5 mile time while training). Scott and I got to cheer Kurt on at the end and take his pic, haha. I wanted to see how we did vs everyone else so we went to the little awards thing, and I ended up placing first in my age group and getting a super kewl plaque!

Kurt got 6th in his age group. Went to dinner afterwards at Norm's with Kurt's Mom and Scott, then drove home. My muscles are really sore today, which is rare for me, but I think it was the pushing myself so hard. Love sore muscles....... Next race is next weekend, where we are running to raise money for a local food kitchen/pantry in Taylor, MI. I believe this is the race val, larry and dan are coming to, and our friend, Paul, is running in. can't wait! It's a 5K and a great cause.

Ran a bunch of errands today, and went and got my first, really late, pedi and mani of the summer at Art Nails in Monroe. They did a really great job, and I am feeling much better about my nails right now. They desperately needed some work. We bought a chest freezer today at Lowe's, which I am super excited about. My freezer is sooooooo overfilled, and I can never buy anything in bulk cuz I have no room. Started transferring some stuff to it tonight, but need to finish. It will be great to buy more than one of the foods I like to eat when they are on sale.

Made tofu for the first time tonight. i have been wanting to, but a little nervous. Did not do anything fancy for the first time, simply grilled it in soy sauce, chili pepper, and onion and served it over my spaghetti squash/marinara, with salmon and a bagel thin (for dinner). Speaking of spaghetti squash, I could not find it at ANY of the grocery storess while shopping. Ended up going out of my way to the fruit/veggie stand store, and they, thankfully, had it. I was about to throw a fit over not finding it anywhere! :).

**scott loves taking action shots, which means, when I ask him to take a pic, he takes like 10, and only one is the one I asked him to take in the first place (see top of page, LOL).

Kurt had a bunch of work done on the Jeep, and it is seriously looking brand new, even though we got it in 2002. We took it to a body shop to get the rust spots out of the body, and we replaced some of the chrome accessories. We also ordered new tires and rims, which should be here shortly. We ordered slightly different tires, hoping to make the ride better with the car. Rebecca said something to me the other day about needing to get a new vehicle to replace the Jeep, but Kurt and I are not typical americans. We run our cars into the ground. I do not buy a car unless i know I want it longterm. I have no interest in replacing cars every 2-5 years like a normal American and just becuz a car is from 2002 does not equate to needing a new car, at least in our book. Hate car payments, and love having everything paid off and I am keeping it that way (or alternatively, paying cash if I get another car in the future).

Pugs got baths and nail trims today at the groomer. I don't think we are going to take Vito in anymore. He apparently gets really stressed out while there, and I don't want to subject him to that anymore, so Kurt is going to just give him baths here and have the vet clip his nails. It's weird to me that Vito is the one who has issues with this, as he is the most social of our pets. They said Oscar is the first dog they have ever grommed that LIKED the dryers. No idea why. oscar is such an eccentric dog. LOL.

Booked our 4th of July flights to Costa Rica, can't wait! we were looking at Europe and other places as well, but flights there are SOOOO long, and I have been craving some jungle hiking. We can also look at property while we are there, if we want.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, stepDad and Bumpa, and all other fathers and soon to be fathers out there, as well as all animal daddies (including my husband, who is an awesome parent to our pets). Thanks to my Dad for teaching me how to play cards, be athletic, and for giving me my sense of sarcasm--and for supporting me in all my crazy adventures in life. Thanks to my stepDad for being so amazing to my Mom, and for always being there for me and supporting me in everything I do, and always believing in me. And thanks to my Bumpa for being the rock of the family and an awesome Dad, grampa and husband. And thanks to my husband for doting on my babies, and for loving animals so much you want to devote your life to saving and caring for them. Thanks for picking spiders up and carrying them outside--one of the top reasons I love you is your love of animals.

Night all!


Hobby Chef said...

Pacing is the hardest part of racing for me. I'm exactly the runner you describe - I run three 7-minute miles and then I'm so blasted that I finish with two 10- or 12-minute miles. It's easy for me to pace in training but on race day I think I get excited by the crowds and, as you describe, determined to finish before certain other runners! :-)

Good for you on beating your goal!!

Candice said...

Congrats on coming in #1!! Wow!