Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Can't Feel my Arms

This is a positive statement, however. :).

Tonight, I started working out at a studio again (this does not mean the rest of my workouts will end, I just want something to build and tone muscle more than running and biking do). Before law school started, I worked out at a studio called Animal Instinct. Loved it a TON. Best workout of my life. I started out there doing kickboxing, added in a Core class, did some Pilates, and ended by starting to learn Krav Maga. I got some of my friends at the time to go with me, and the workout made one of my friends actually vomit. My kinda workout! :).

Enter law school and the end of my working out career.

Exit law school, begin insanely busy career, working 80+ hours a week, and still not taking care of myself.

Enter taking care of myself, but by working out at home, running, and biking, and loving summer.

Find studio again, which is now called The Fighting Fit, has two new locations. Same owner, same awesome people. I stopped in yesterday to get pricing, a schedule, and information in general.

Stopped in today at 545 PM to sign up and take my first class! Yay! Tonight, I just took basic kickboxing which, kicked my butt! I cannot feel my arms. Still. 3 hours later. Class was awesome. For those of you who have taken cardio kickboxing, this is entirely different. You wear wraps and gloves, actually HIT pads and bags, and do a lot of other training as well. Training included running outside (around the block), tons of abs, tons of push-ups, burpees, squats, kettle bell workouts, etc. Amazing all over workout. Plus, I ran into a friend of mine from the 5Ks, so that was kewl as well! I knew one person! Can't wait to take the other classes as well, once I can feel my arms again. They have a class that sounds awesome called Cage Rage, another called H.I.I.T., another that does Xtraining, a kickboxing bag class, and combo classes. Anyway, I just know taking classes here is going to improve my running and workouts in general. I was sweating and exhausted the bulk of the class.

We ran in one race this past weekend, in Brownstown, called the Wood Duck Dash, which was on Saturday. Was a very pretty race, through Lake Erie Metro Park, which is not far from our house. Loved running over bridges over the water and through the trails in the woods. Ended up 4th in my age group/female, and Kurt was thrilled I did not place as he hates staying and waiting for the medals, LOL. It was fine though, as I had a lot of plans on Saturday and needed to get going. The run felt really good, and I could tell my 5 Mile runs earlier in the week had helped my 5K time and endurance. Saturday afternoon, I headed to Canton to pick up my Aunt and head to the Milford Art Fair. It has really gotten huge! Prob twice the vendors from when I was last there. Ended up buying a really pretty wire pearl ring, and some drink mixes for fat free, calorie free drinks that are SUPER yummy and a good change from diet soda. Had lunch with my Aunt after that and headed home to get ready for dinner out with Kurt, and our friends Cassie and Ken and Zyon, at Crave in Dearborn. Had awesome sushi and a great time.

Sunday, I got up and the weather was perfect for running, so I ran 6 miles and stopped when it started raining. I worked part of the day as well, and ran some errands.

Work has been insanely busy, as usual. I feel like I am running all day long every day. Tons of court all over the place (mostly Detroit and Monroe for me, but Kurt has been in Detroit, Pontiac, Mt. Clemens, Ann Arbor and other district courts locally). Tons of appointments in all three offices.......Am thrilled Kory had been in all week, love when he has short breaks from school.

The mosquitos have been crazy around here lately. Ugh on mosquito bites.

Oh! We finally joined the Jefferson Rec Center, which is part of the high school I was on the school board for. Anyway, we rode the bikes up there and walked around. It is insanely cheap (like $100 per year per household) and I am looking forward to using the pool (I want to train for a tri, and can swim laps in the pool), racquetball (we are going to learn to play and they have courts), the track (for running NOT on a treadmill in the winter months).....We basically joined because there are a few machines Kurt does not have in the basement and does not want to buy cuz they are really pricey and they have them there (including leg press and a back machine).

Hope everyone is doing well!


Megan said...

Get your own gloves if you continue going to the kickboxing class. I was taking one for a while at my gym... and after the first week, a wart appeared on my finger! Ack! The instructor told me that's pretty common if you use the gym glove. Blah :P

Lori H said...

Megan, I actually have my own gloves from before! :). I hated using the places gloves and bought them when I started last time.