Saturday, August 20, 2011

Energy Run--Monroe

Ran this morning in the Energy Run in Monroe, MI. It was a 5K at the local community college and raised funds for adult literacy. Kurt decided to sit this one out since his hamstring is bothering him, so I headed out myself this morning. Got there, and heard the end of the kids 1 Mile run, which is always so cute to see. The little kids running are always adorable. Anyway, got my t-shirt and put it in the car (BRIGHT orange), and pinned on my number, 163. Walked to the start of the race, which was at the back of a field. Race was pretty tough. It was not on cement or roads at all, but instead, was through trails covered with branches, logs, etc., with hills--and through grass that was pretty long. So, mostly trail like running. My time was a lot higher than normal, but I think it's because I have a harder time running on grass and dirt trails. The trails had a lot of really sharp turns as well, which made it interesting and relaxing, but a harder run. Better workout than usual though! :). Anyway, the age group medals were different as well, in that they grouped ages in groups of 10 instead of 5 (meaning I was in the 30-39 age group). Ended up getting 3rd and got a kewl medal. My # was also drawn in a raffle and I won a picture frame, which was kewl. After race food was bagels, bananas, oranges, and water. I drank like 4 little water bottles, the race got pretty hot in the sun. Loved that this race was local!

Had a massage this afternoon with Kurt at Biundo's Salon and Spa in Monroe (they had a $10 off each massage coupon on facebook), and ran some errands this afternoon. Drove to Westland tonight and had dinner out with Auntie, grama, Dad and Kurty at Eastside Mario's, which was super yummy. Hopefully, I can use those carbs at the run in the morning! :). Doing another 5K for the Vietnam Veterans United.

Booked our flights to San Francisco this week. Have not booked the details of the trip or anything, need to kinda figure out how much time we want to spend in San Fran vs the redwoods hiking and stuff like that, but have been too busy to look into it a ton. Need to do that soon.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

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RoseAnn said...

We lived 3 hours from S.F. in Grass Valley/Nevada City. If you get that far out of the city, let me know if you want info!