Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Colossal Deceit Known As The Underwear Bomber Case

by Kurt Haskell

With jury selection set to begin in the Underwear Bomber Trial set to begin tomorrow, I've spent the evening reminiscing about Christmas Day 2009 and the 21 months since. The Underwear Bomber attack has fundamentally changed my life. Not in the way most would think, but it has destroyed any faith I've had in the U.S. Government, the media and this country as a whole. To say that I believe the government is corrupt and the media is complicit doesn't fully explain my beliefs. Not only have I come to those conclusions, but I've witnessed that an ordinary person who sees something important can be silenced despite his efforts to spread the truth. Such is the Underwear Bomber case. I can do nothing but laugh at the TSA's new policy of "If you see something say something." That is exactly what I did, and not only did the U.S. Government not want to hear what I had to say, but it actively lied about it, attempted to get me to change my story, and hid, by withholding (secret government) evidence or putting a protective order on the evidence and nearly everything that would support my eyewitness account.

Where are we now? We now have The Underwear Bomber (Umar) representing himself with the help of standby attorney Chambers. Attorney Chambers has indicated to me that if he were Umar's attorney, that the defense would be entrapment and that I would be a key witness. Of course, such a defense would expose the U.S. Government's involvement in the plot. It is much too convenient to have Umar represent himself and be in charge of what the defense will be, what evidence is presented, what witnesses are called and what questions each witness is asked. A trial with Umar representing himself will leave the relevant facts of this case unknown for generations. I can't help but think that Umar fired his attorneys for a reason other than he is a crazy terrorist. It is much too convenient that the entity that staged the event, also controls the evidence, what information is leaked to the media, who the prosecutors are, and the prison where Umar has sbeen staying at for the last 21 months. Let's not overlook the fact that the U.S. Government has admitted to waterboarding and torturing terrorists. Do you see the pieces of the puzzle forming a clear picture yet?

Make no mistake that Umar did in fact attempt to detonate a device (although it was a defective device) on Flight 253. He is not innocent. It remains to be discovered whether my belief that Umar is complicit with the "theatre" going on before our eyes came about before or after the event of Christmas Day 2009. It really is not important except that you must understand that he is now complicit in covering up the true story of Christmas Day 2009. There is no other explanation as to why Umar is representing himself and rejecting the entrapment defense (Which I have discovered he will do).

For those that are still skeptical of my claims, please realize that I do not make my claims without a great deal of thought and research. My firm belief is that Umar was escorted around security and given an intentionally defective bomb by a U.S. intelligence agent. The bomb was never intended to detonate, but merely intended to create a "simulated terrorist attack" or a "false flag attack" if you will. In December of 2009, the U.S. Government hadn't seen a terrorist attack in 8 years, It was getting more and more difficult to spend hundreds of billions a year on terrorism and to continue to fight two fraudulent wars based on terrorism. Those making their livings off of the war on terror didn't want to lose their cash cow. Enter Umar the Underwear Bomber. A second benefit of a failed bomb being found in Umar's underwear, was to enable body scanning machines to be placed in every airport. How convenient for Michael Chertoff , a former head of the DHS, to have ties to the body scanning companies. I doubt that this was any coincidence. Once again, billions of dollars would flow from the U.S. Government for body scanning machines that were needed to protect us.

What we are now left with are the bits and pieces of the Underwear Bomber case that can form a clear picture of what happened that day. For those of you attempting to put it all together, please take your time and think about the evidence instead of glossing over it and continuing to remain in denial. The truth is that your U.S. Government staged a false terrorist attack in order to steal your tax dollars and your 4th Amendment Rights to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures. Please thoroughly consider the following with an open mind and think about why this sort of behavior must stop now:

My thoughts on this case and the list of anomalies that differ from the official version of events were made through: (a) numerous discussions with other passengers, (b) my own eyewitness account, (c) discussions with Umar's standby attorney, (d) hundreds of articles on the story (e) evidence provided to me by others "in the know" or just other concerned citizens, and (f) from the official record at hearings I attended.

Anomalies of the case in no particular order:

1. In December 2010, Chambers told the Detroit Free Press that the Government's own explosives experts indicate that the bomb was impossibly defective. The Free Press later erased this article from its online site, but did not erase earlier underwear bomber stories.
2. The FBI has admitted to supplying the Portland Christmas Tree Bomber and the Wrigley Field Bomber with intentionally defective bombs shortly after the underwear bomber event.
3. Janet Napolitano's comment that "the system worked" was a Freudian slip.
4. The plane taxied to the gate. The passengers were not allowed off of the plane for 20-30 minutes (Was the bomb still on the plane?). There was bomb material that was supposedly explosive all over the cabin of the plane. Nobody took any action to make sure the passengers were safe or that the "explosives" were of no danger to the passengers. This is evidence of foreknowledge that there was no danger to the passengers.
5. TSA admitted knowledge of the threat while the flight was over Canada/Atlantic Ocean. No measures were taken to notify the pilot or to divert the flight for an emergency landing elsewhere.
6. My eyewitness account of the sharp dressed man and the related evidence as to this man. There is no other likely explanation for this man except for government involvement. The airport video has never been released and remains under protective order of the court.
7. The government's continued release of Umar's passport picture through the media. This was done for no other reason that to attempt to discredit me. Why such an effort to show a passport picture all over the media? In no other case has a passport picture been shown in the media. A copy of the supposed "passport" of Umar, however, was not released to Chambers until June 2011. The release of the passport to standby defense counsel was delayed 19 months in order to limit the amount of time Chambers would need to have experts verify its authenticity.
8. The explanation for the cameraman is near unbelieveable. He started filming the sky just before the attack started and then he turned to film the entire attack from beginning to end. We all thought we were going to die. The last thing on anyone's mind at that time was to film something.
9. On 1-5-10 Breibart posted an article that indicated the Government had viewed over 200 hours of video from the airport and it showed no evidence of an accomplice. This article is contradicted by the 1-22-10 article of ABC News by Brian Ross that indicated that "The government is looking into the identity of a man that helped Umar at Schiphol." The article fails to mention that this "sharp dressed man" escorted Umar through security without a passpot and instead tries to paint this man as Al Qaeda. The government is contradicting itself in both of these stories and is attemptin weak coverups in each story.
10. Umar is charged with conspiracy. The accomplices names or contributions are never mentioned. They are not listed as wanted and they are never discussed. This is because they are U.S. Intelligence agents.
11. Customs spokeperson Ron Smith changed the official story about the 2nd man taken into custody in Detroit 5 times. Then he sent a half hearted apoogetic email to the media. My story as to this man has never changed. Ron Smith eventually gave up lying and quit talking about this man who was witnessed by nearly all of the passengers.
12. Why were pictures of Umar's underwear constantly released to the media? These pictures show Umar's underwear is largely intact. I have information from a credible source that due to this incident, Umar "Will never have any kids". This fact is not in line with undamaged underwear. The continued release of the underwear was used as a propaganda piece to reinforce the deceit.
13. The prosecution has continued to block evidence from Umar's standby attorney and in some cases, has provided it late. Why? If Umar was a terrorist nut, what is it that the government does not want the defense to see? It seems to me that if the official story is true, then this is an open and shut case. It appears that the government feels a need to insulate itself from civil cases filed by the passengers.
14. Why has Chambers repeatedly indicated that Umar has a very valid defense? The answer is the entrapment defense.
15. Portions of the Patriot Act were set to expire just before Christmas Day 2009. The Congressional vote to extend them was delayed until February. Body scanning machines were already built and sitting in warehouses. Michael Chertoff, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security has ties to the body scanning manufacturers. The U.S. had no terrorist attacks from 2001 until Christmas Day 2009. A new terrorist attack was needed to get the body scanning machines in the airports.
16. If flight 253 had crashed, nobody would know that the bomb was in Umar's underwear. An unsuccesful staged attack was necessary to show where the bomb was held. This was needed to sell the American public that body scanners were needed to prevent similar future attacks.
17. The story of Umar obtaining his bomb in another country and wearing it to Schiphol is not logical. It is much more likely that he was given the defective bomb at or near the airport. It is likely that the second man taken into custody in Detroit gave him the bomb at Schiphol. My theory is that the bomb sniffing dog (which we witnessed) in Detroit sniffed bomb residue in his bag after we landed.
18. Umar could have been stopped in Amsterdam after boarding and been charged with various charges that would have resulted in a life sentence. Instead he was allowed to fly into U.S. airspace and light his bomb there, over Detroit, on Christmas Day in order to make this a MUCH large media story to usher in the body scanners.
19. How did Umar pick his window seat over the gas tank when he paid cash for his ticket? (You must buy your ticket with credit in order to pick your seat).
20. Other terrorist attack videos are released within hours. The relevant video in this case has never been released. Note that Schiphol airport has more cameras than any airport in the world.
21. The bomb was lit in the cabin and not in the bathroom so that it could be filmed and make more of a media event than a dud bomb lit in a bathroom.
22. Obama's "failed to connect the dots speech" is discredited by the Congressional testimony of Patrick Kennedy of the State Department. Kennedy indicated that, in so many words, that the government was tracking Umar and did not revoke his visa in order to track him into the U.S. This is almost, but not quite an admission that he was let into the U.S. on purpose.
23. The Congressional testimony of Michael Leiter indicated that the U.S. Government frequently lets terrorists into the U.S.
24. In early 2010, a Mr. Wolf appeared on the Keith Olberman Show and indicated that the Obama administration was looking into the possibility that this was an intentional plot by a U.S. intelligence agency.
25. Watch the Congressional testimony of Patrick Kennedy (available on the internet) and watch how he does vocabulary gymnastics to avoid saying that this was an intentional plot by U.S. intelligence.
26. Dutch military police initially indicated that Umar did not go through normal security measures. This was only reported once.
27. Why did a passenger call me in early January 2010 and attempt to convince me that I did not see Umar being escorted around security, but I instead witnessed a minor child being taken through security. This was untrue. I later found out that such passenger works for a contractor that receives a great deal of business from the Department of Defense.
28. Why does the mainstream media continue to not investigate this story and continue to not report my eyewitness account?
29. A second passenger contacted me and confirmed my acount of the Sharp Dressed Man. She is scared and refuses to come forward.
30. Why have nearly all of the passengers refused to talk about this case?
31. Why were a great deal of the passengers, military personnel, government workers and government contractors?
32. Why did the prosecution indicate at a recent hearing that it was still withholding some evidence that was deemed to be secret (top seret?). What could be so secret if the government was not involved in the plot?
33. Why has the online Detroit Free Press site erased all underwear bomber articles that support my theory on the case, but retained older articles that support the official story?

It is unfortunate that the upcoming trial will be nothing but a farce and deceitful theatre to imbed lies in the minds of the sheeple.


Candice said...

This was a fascinating post. I totally believe you!! I think the government will do whatever to accomplish what they want to accomplish!

Anonymous said...

Great update. Could you create a site that has all your postings in one place? I would like to be able to direct people to such a site rather than to this one that requires wading through so much irrelevant stuff.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to stay updated on this for quite some time. It disturbs me that you are not getting any sort of public attention for this and while I lack the connections to make that happen, I will continue to ensure people hear of this, at the very least within my own home state of Texas. I am concerned that this trial will wrongfully convict someone who has been used as an attempt to further a foreign/domestic policy agenda and it is terrifyingly unethical. Be careful as I'm sure you know someone is probably keeping an eye on this blog. If there is anything I can do to help, please email me at my encrypted email address and let me know.

ssynchronicity [at] safe-mail.net

Bruce Wm Sargent said...

Thank you for your courage in remaining faithful and true to what is real. Maybe we all just have to think the way Nelson Mandela must have thought and carry the truth forward until conditions change, no matter how the truth is treated by our failed government. I suspect that Umar is being very well controlled by his handlers right now and nothing positive will come out of his trial. That would require a "pattern interrupt", a psychological cold glass of water in the face, linked to "cut the nonsense". His past and current self destructive behavior in court has been well programmed and he is continuing to be well used. Some where some folks in our government are congratulating themselves on running a "text book" case. Still they are going to have to worry about Umar having a pattern interrupt that will upset everything. That is a very hopeful thought for us folks who are OK with reality. I would love Anthony Chambers to research creating pattern interrupts and give it a shot.

Bruce Wm Sargent said...

Extending by thoughts on pattern interrupts:

A simple one can by used by using two sentences linked by an "and" instead of grammatically correct "or".
Whatever the brain is thinking in the moment is disrupted by the break in correct language usage, and an opening to get a real answer to a real question in created.

Example in introducing yourself to a complete stranger: "Are you here to see some one in particular and have you been here before" During the hesitation smile and reach out a hand and say "Hi, I am Bruce Sargent and you are?" More than likely you are going to get the person's full name because the person is going to fall into the same pattern of your sharing. Without the pattern interrupt you are more and likely going to get a rejection or nothing.
Now I am not sure the exact sentences to use to get Umar's brain to hesitate and I am not sure the right sharing and follow up question to get Umar to share what is really going on for him might be. I am only sure that a smile is a important communication in creating the opening that is going to go along with the language. You know this doesn't have to be posted. This is the only way I know how to communicate something that might make a difference.

Anonymous said...

All the Haskell postings about the Underwear Bomber (and other news about the Bomber) can be found at 911blogger.com. This is a running record Timeline.


Anonymous said...

I read your very first comments on this on that original message board. You should run for public office. Thanks for making an attempt to do the right thing, in case you think its thankless.

Greg Burton said...

Oh, really Kurt! Come now! I like a dose of titillation with my ration of US government and MSM bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for connecting a lot of the dots. We could stand on every other rooftop and scream Chertoff makes $$$ from the sale of these cancer causing machines!! - and sadly, a majority of Americans are too fluoridated and obese to care. I knew this whole thing was a farce from day 1. And my mother flew into Metro that day! I had ZERO concern she would be injured (heaven forbid) in a terrorist attack - which we all know by now are phony.

Some more 'dots' you might want to connect: Schiphol, Logan, Newark, Dulles, and ICTS. Further down the rabbit hole: Fukushima and Magna.

Have a great day!

Rampaging Manatee

Anonymous said...

There is a great deal of money and power in fear.

Here endeth the lesson.

-mb said...

Your post is brave beyond the telling. It's also sickening, thinking that we live in a place where the truth is always subservient to money and power. I'm frightened enough by all of the goings-on in this government to be searching for escapes to other countries. At least in other places, the graft is open, and everyone understands the rules.

I'm hoping that more people wake up in time to actually stop the lobbyists and legislators from turning the USA into a third-world country... and we're sadly well on the way.

For more information about the closing of an open society, I strongly urge you to see what Naomi Wolf's been writing, and watch Democracy Now!'s coverage.

I'm really glad you've stuck to your guns, and more importantly, to the truth. That's real heroism.

sb10 said...

Thank you for being gutsy and standing your ground. This country has lost its backbone and forgotten what true patriotism is.

Anonymous said...

check the security firm icts

Egoigwe said...

I am proudly African and have traversed Schiphol airport myself. I can boldly state that it hugs the supernatural and superstitious to claim that a person of my color boarded a flight out of there without ALL relevant papers and due clearance.

It just does not happen that a person of color with a 'trigger' name such as Farouk Umar Muttalab can board a plane out of Schiphol airport to anywhere without status verification and papers, much more to the US.

It's an open secret that the Dutch do not like people of color, it's a colonial mentality thing. For one to board a flight out of Schiphol and without the necessary papers would require that person to crawl through layers of scrutiny and confirmation, and then more layers of reconfirmation before that could happen.

The sharp-dressed man did not make it happen, it had to be someone with clout and very powerful. Like an Ambassador or Minister, a very high profile individual. To say Muttalab's journey did not happen with some serious help is akin to saying some black dude boarded Air Force One, undetected, with a nuke in his briefcase!

apeman2502 said...

I thank Kurt and Lori for bringing this turkey out of the closet for us to see again. I would like to thank the involved FBI agents for presenting perhaps the dumbest and most thoroughly documented incident of 'False Flag' terrorism to date. They only had to third degree burn the crotch of an obviously drugged up barely conscious boy to get their point across to the targetted sheeple part of the crowd. Satanism caught in the cross-hairs. Torturing a kid by seriously burning his crotch to try to convince others of 'the danger in the skies'. The FBI is one sick bunch of dog vomit. The ones assigning these agents to carry out this operation should be beaten with a cat-o-nine-tails wielded by a sadistic marshall arts expert until I say stop. And don't come looking for me before the flogging commences.

apeman2502 said...

I thank Kurt and Lori for bringing this turkey out of the closet for us to see again. I would like to thank the involved FBI agents for presenting perhaps the dumbest and most thoroughly documented incident of 'False Flag' terrorism to date. They only had to third degree burn the crotch of an obviously drugged up barely conscious boy to get their point across to the targetted sheeple part of the crowd. Satanism caught in the cross-hairs. Torturing a kid by seriously burning his crotch to try to convince others of 'the danger in the skies'. The FBI is one sick bunch of dog vomit. The ones assigning these agents to carry out this operation should be beaten with a cat-o-nine-tails wielded by a sadistic marshall arts expert until I say stop. And don't come looking for me before the flogging commences.

Anonymous said...

Great work! But take it from me, a travel agent for 20 years, everyone gets a seat, so if it's over the wing, could be dismissed as the seat available when he arrived without an advance seat assignment. Not a strong argument anyway, like the rest.

I particularly appreciate the "setting" of the facts in their historical time, to help draw out the motivations of the obvious deliberate actions.


Anonymous said...

Nine years after 9/11 and you still had "faith in the U.S. Government, the media and this country as a whole"? (Add to that GHW Bushs' crimes against Iraq using Kuwait to justify Desert Storm, TWA 800, etc etc etc)
Exactly how do you know that Umar is guilty of anything? How do we know who was handling him and what he had been told, how he was tricked and lied to about his mission? For all you know he could have thought he was helping governments, security or whatever and maybe even being paid to do it.
How do you know how this "2nd passenger" that called you was actually a "2nd passenger"?
Civil cases by passengers against the government are an intriguing idea but you know where it would go - nowhere. You can add the judicial system and most judges to groups to lose faith in. I admire your courage to stick with this

Anonymous said...

At the risk of inviting accusations of racism against me, do you think there could be an 'Indian' link here? In earlier descriptions of the sharply dressed man, you mentioned that he appeared to be of Indian origin. Unless I am mistaken, I think the man in orange was too (true?). The founders and top execs of Rapiscan (financially, the big winners from this event) are also Indian. From investigative point of view, Rapiscan have the motive to do this and tentially the means. I don't like to theorise too much usually and prefer to consider only the facts in hand, but it seems to me that identifying and investigating the sharply dressed man would be key in exposing the full facts of this trial.

Anonymous said...

just want to say i am so happy there are people like you and me that want the truth & justice for all , just like the super hero's i think you two are. thanks again for exposing the truth for all of us to see . ;) you guys ROCK

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this you are a true american and you have big brass ones. It's a shame the media mouthpieces are so "loud" that they literally control the minds of 150 million plus sleeping sheeple zombies. It's an even bigger shame that those tasked with protecting us have to lie and murder and steal to get their pleasure.

Anonymous said...

also I'd bet anything that this kid's dad being a Nigerian banker has everything to do with his "defense." His sentence to be permanent exile on some island somewhere. What about his government accomplices? They will get raises as reward for their treachery and treason against their nation and indeed their own families.

Helen Tansey said...

Kurt - I followed your work here at your family blog for month's following this incident and never doubted your eyewitness account nor your wife's fwiw.

But I'm writing this post more out of curiosity than anything else, which is this, in all that you cover in your 33 bullets, not once do you mention anything at all about the airline or the pilots...maybe I've missed it but I don't think I have.

Obviously, this was a false flag event. No question. No doubt. Serving as the eyewitness to this event as you did, and then staying on top of it long after, convinced those of us who took you at your word early on that this was indeed a false flag event.

That said, wouldn't the airline have been in on the operation? Who owns the airlines and how are they benefiting from the scanners? Who were the pilots? Wouldn't they have been in on the operation too? Maybe not the staff of the plane but the one's at the wheel certainly would have been. Are the pilots still employed by the airline? Who were they? Did they derive any benefit from the scanners?

You do a credible job detailing the events not only of that day but also of the oddities/peculiarities that followed, but you've never gone outside of the cabin, so to speak, to poke around in the cockpit and to learn more about who owned that plane and/or company.

Following the money trail seems to always lead back to the same set of critters.

Lastly, I'm also happy to learn you and your family remain well and safe. Keep up the great work!

SAM said...

The truth is finding its way to the corporate run media as evidenced by this letter to the Albany Times Union:

Get facts straight on bomber story
Published 12:05 a.m., Friday, September 16, 2011
In his weekly speech on Saturday, President Barack Obama told the nation that we are more secure now than in 2001 and that al-Qaida is weaker.
In the Republican response, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani reminded us that the threat is still there, as witnessed by the actions of the "underwear bomber" on Christmas Day in 2009.
When is the national media going to inform the populace that, as documented in congressional testimony by Under Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy, our CIA put Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on the plane in Amsterdam that day, supposedly to avoid hurting an investigation of other terrorists?
After all, it's that incident that has been a catalyst for the security complex/police state we see unfolding in front of our very eyes.
Francis Flynn

Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/opinion/article/Get-facts-straight-on-bomber-story-2173465.php#ixzz1YFFLP7nf

Anonymous said...

Typical Zionist controlled USA, Canada and of the rest of the world run media.

Will See said...

Thanks for being brave and honest enough to take all the hassle and still stand up for us as US Citizens

We need more Americans like you.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for your courage!!!!!! If more Americans & people world wide would just have the courage to face what is happening & say NO more we could end all of this NOW! What ever happened to 'I may not agree with what u say but I will defend with my life your right to say it'? or Superman's favorite line 'Truth, justice, & the American way'. We have only ourselves to blame for allowing our country & our way of life to be destroyed.

Lori Anne Haskell said...

by Kurt Haskell

I'm sure there are some other anomalies I could list other then the 33 listed above. There are just so many details it is sometimes hard for me to remember all of them.

The Prophet said...

When will the people realize that we had an economy that had no basis, no reason to be. The money was all magic of numbers, only that it was used to destroy the nation's character and the back bone, while the country was being stolen. The nation was fooled in to believing that it was getting rich while in fact the people were sold in to slavery. The nation went to fight wars for the corporations, bankers and the industrialists to be paid for by the tax payers, May be you should read this http://tombstone001.blogspot.com/2007/04/eyes-wide-shut_24.html first

Anonymous said...

as a matter of intellectual hygiene you need to conceive of the possibility of a conspiracy (to run a false flag event) while avoiding conspiracy theory thinking. why? because conspiracy theory thinking is unable to think the relation between hypothesis and evidence and thereby fails to produce a convincing case. do not be satisfied by the cheers of those here who "know" this was a false flag event. it is easy to see such conspiracy theory thinking registers evidence only insofar as it appears to justify a statement.

let me point to one claim you make, that so and so said the system worked, point 3. you appear to suggest this as evidence of a false flag event. but it is supportive of the false flag hypothesis only to the extent that you already believe it. if you dont belive it, the statement suggests nothing like a FFE. furthermore, even if it was evidence for a FFE the statement would require the following implausibility: that the speaker was making a secret gesture to those in the know that the FFE had

Anonymous said...

to complete the thought... it would depend on the statement being a secret gesture of confirmation of facts already publicly known. but if the facts are already known, why confirm them with a secret gesture.

at this point we either give up the idea that this communication has any special significance--we say instead it is a poetic coincidence to our thought-- or we enter an unempirical world of untestable presuppositions, and thereby land squarely in coocoo cloud land. for example we might argue that the conspiracy has become brazen after a long history of success. now we are waist deep in presupposing what we thought our evidence was supposed to prove.

Anonymous said...

if what you are saying has any relation to the truth, maintaining an appearance of sanity and groundedness in thr facts will be your greatest asset. do not, under any circumstances feel obligated to follow anyone down the rabbit hole of purely paranoid speculation. if at last you cannot muster the facts to present your case, abandon it and embrace reason. use the energy of your insight to work on matters which enjoy greater support from public facts. recognizing that you may not be able to fulfill your destiny as truth teller in this case is part of keeping your feet on the ground. after all you are speaking of things which enjoy a double obscurity.

good luck to you.


I saw you on Alex Jones' Night News today and congratulate you for your courage! It takes more people like you to stand up to tyranny. I have recently written a 400 pages book (http://ddrv2.com) about the New World Order from the global/german perspective and how it came about, looking for it to be published in Germany (it's written in German), to no avail. All major and minor editors are just too scared to even touch it!

Mary Lopez said...

God, terrorism is dreadful and now it needs to be ripped from the roots!

Sabretache said...

Apropos Anonymous' suggestion (10:33pm) that your postings be collected in one place, can I suggest you make use of Wikispooks. The most succinct description of the site is probably "An antidote to Wikipedia on Deep State issues".

I will probably put much of this post up on Wikispooks myself; but the site does not yet have a Jose Padilla page and is in need of one. Any help (on this or similar subjects) welcome.

The following two Wikispooks articles contain interesting non-MSM references to Padilla:
America's non-compliance
CIA Experiments on Children

bob klinck said...

I just watched your interview on the Alex Jones show in which you state your opinion that the USA is finished and people should leave the country. I'll warn them not to think of Canada as a potential refuge. Well over two decades ago a high official of the Canadian House of Commons told me to my face that my university degrees (earned at the University of Alberta) were invalid. Ever since, I have tried to get this inanity corrected. No one will touch it, not even two Speakers with whom I have communicated.

The fact is that the Canadian governmental administration acts effectively above the law, being completely arbitrary and corrupt.

To make me aware of my real position (as a nonentity with no rights), when I took early retirement from the House of Commons, they tried to rob me of about a third of my pension.

The effect of all this has been to alienate me from my country. When the place stinks to heaven, who wants to be part of it? When it operates on the basis of lies, what claims can it legitimately make on its citizens?

I can see from your face, Kurt, that as a result of your experiences in trying to deal with American security forces you are feeling disillusionment and sadness similar to what I've endured for nearly 24 years.

When government integrity is really tested, it proves not to have any. Any apparent display of decency is only for reasons of political expediency, which of course means nothing. The fundamentals that we have assumed undergird our society are fictions.

drbhelthi said...

Hearing the account of the event on Europaen news, my immediate response was that it was another set-up. The sharply-dressed man and the no passport issue stuck in my memory. I wonder if some kind of pay-off was additionally offered the naive youth ? Also, I wonder if the FBI had their MOSSAD contacts do the wiring on the device? Since they are so expert at demolitions of huge, tower-type buildings, obviously, they do very precise work. It takes a real expert to set a device to smoke a lot, and burn off the crotch hairs of a teenage boy, without doing serious damage to his crotch area.

I wonder, if the teenage offspring, of all US operatives and their "masters" involved in this false-flag event, should become targets of similar entrapment, would such agents´ view of such underhanded USGOV tactics alter a bit? I just re-read Chip Tatum´s chronicles, www.whale.to/b/tatum.pdf again this evening. Thank God for the Chip Tatums. And the Haskells. And all folk who have the courage to openly support honesty and truth. May such evil people as are revealed by the Chip Tatums of the world be punished for the suffering and murders they have inflicted on mankind.

B said...

Thank you for coming on to Alex Jones show and telling your story. As a Marine combat vet who has fought in the "Global War On Terror", I am very interested and worried about what is going on at the highest levels of our government. Thank you for YOUR service and integrity.


TruthMakesPeace said...

Umar acts like he does not care to win the case. Perhaps he has been brain washed. How about this - let's start a fund to get a better attorney, not hired by the government. If he refuses this, then we know Umar is in on it in some way. Perhaps he believe that after sentencing, the government will help him "disappear" (by putting a dummy in his cell, or faking a "suicide") so he can live a millionaire life style somewhere.

TruthMakesPeace said...

Umar acts like he does not care to win the case. Perhaps he has been brain washed. How about this - let's start a fund to get a better attorney, not hired by the government. If he refuses this, then we know Umar is in on it, in some way. Perhaps he believes that after sentencing, the government will help him "disappear" (by putting a dummy in his cell, or faking a "suicide") so he can live a millionaire life style somewhere. If the crime and arrest were staged, we cannot put it past the perpetrators to stage an incarceration or execution.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and findings re the Nigerian fizzle bombing incident on your plane Christmas Day, '10, dear Kurt and Lori. So glad you both survived and the truths you have posted are heartbreaking.

Junkyard Sam said...

Thanks for the work you are doing. I wish more Americans would be so vigilant, self-included.

I just wish more people would care about this & 9/11 etc... It's amazing how real life feels like the beginnings of a cross between 1984 and Brave New World.

Anyway, sorry to ramble. Thanks again. PS. I learned of your blog through Alex Jones's show.

Lin Volpe said...

Did you notice if the airline had to "bump" someone off the flight to get Umar on the plane? Many times they will announce a offer to have a passenger take a later flight to get a "stand-by" person on that particular seated.
It would beilluminating to know when his ticket was purchased, and WHO bought the ticket.

Anonymous said...

After studying JFK's assassination for 30 yrs. I can say that Oswald never pulled the trigger. The Gulf of Tokin incident that escullated the Viet Nam war, never happened. RFK & MLK were both taken out by our (secret)government. The 9/11 attacks were aided by officials within our government. I'm not sure if we went to the moon or not, but UFOs are real!! Nuff said, BonitaSands@aol.com

See Something Say Something said...

I shall pray for you. It feels great to see someone do the right thing. I thank the lord that you are not like most Americans. You care for this man who was obviously set up.

theslickdumpling said...

You spoke of how the 'underwear bomber' situation has not only changed your life, "...but it has destroyed any faith I've had in the U.S. Government, the media and this country as a whole. To say that I believe the government is corrupt and the media is complicit doesn't fully explain my beliefs."

I understand how you feel. I was a flag waving, unwavering patriot that believed in this country. I still am, probably more so now.

It is sickening what these people have done to our America. They consider my family and other families, the young people they use and the witnesses as collateral damage, just part of doing business.

It is people like you, as well as the people around the world protesting corruption and greed that are the patriots. If we stand silent, we will each eventually stand alone. Together we are strong.

Remember that this evil is incredibly arrogant. It is their arrogance that causes them to make mistakes that bring them into the light.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong, you are what we like to think "Americans" are and what we stand for. Our prayers go out to you and your family. It is people like you that will keep America free!

Anonymous said...

Kurt and Lori, thank you for your bravery in December 2009 and since. Personally I continue to read and try not to jump to any conclusions, but your testimony is compelling on several fronts.

One question I would have regarding your theory is if the government worked with Umar why would there even be these Orange and Sharp Dressed Men and why the difficulty getting Umar on board? Why would there be anyone else to arrest? If it was just the government and Umar wouldn't they have just gotten him a good fake passport?

I will say your use of the word "sheeple" though shows some bias and mindset. To me it actually clouds your testimony as objective.

I do find it interesting (in a suspicious way) that al-Awlaki was just killed who was supposedly involved in the plot, not that he would have come forward to testify though.

Some things are clear - WMD was a contrived pretext. And one in a long history including the USS Maine. I still remember Bush Sr's war cry "babies in the incubators." I know these things go on. Frankly I am more than a little scared of the "set up" in place for Iran. We hear many speeches how we have to stop Iran from developing nukes (just like we had to stop Iraq with WMD). Now, 4 weeks ago after al Queda called Iran a "lip service jihad" suddenly Iran has launched their navy, which includes Russian subs and missiles for a presence near the US. This is incredible and incredibly convenient. We happen to still have our troops on both sides of Iran (Iraq and Afghanistan). Let's hope there's no incident of the Iranian navy firing on the US, followed by our invasion of Iran.

Anonymous said...

thanks for being a great American!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kurt and Lori! I have been following this since day one of your reporting.

Remain strong and faithful.

Anonymous said...

Kurt, if you plan on filing a civil suit against STATE actors, you proceed against them under 42/1983; however, if any of the defendants are FEDERAL actors, they would be sued under Bivens v. Six Unknown Federal Agents. You must, in both 1983 and Bivens actions, allege how each defendant was responsible for the violation of your constitutional rights, not simply intentional actions.

Anonymous said...

If you are suing federal actors for negligence or other torts, and not constitutional violations, you proceed under the Federal Tort Claims Act, and there are administrative exhaustion requirements you must fulfill before filing in Federal Court.

Anonymous said...

Defamation is generally not actionable under 1983 (use the FTCA instead). Also, in 1983/Bivens actions, Federal Courts apply the statute of limitations for the applicable/relevant state's SOL for personal injury actions.

Anonymous said...

We are all behind you and God bless you both.

Anonymous said...

I recall hearing a report (briefly) of the underwear bomber ( ha - smoke bomb?) and that TWO lawyers had witnessed the incident ( well dressed man - no passport - no luggage - etc).

Aha I thought two lawyers - real eyewitnesses. Then NOTHING until again (brief) reporting of supposed (ha) trial. I thought WOW finally we'll hear testimony from this husband and wife team. Alas - the whole thing ended without a murmur/ no real trial.

Be it the winos in Fla in a garage that were 'supposed terrorists' - the latest a used car salesman in Texas ( Iran ) planning to kill Saudi ambassador I thought to myself - GOD who do they have writing these crack head scripts? Ridiculous. Kuwait 'war' - Kuwait hired Howard Knowles PR firm to make up incubator story etc. Later at hearing (ho hum) it turns out it was the Amabassadors daughter who MADE up this story. A LIE that caused untold deaths ( McCaffrey - highway of death!) and NOTHING! Then we have agent provocateurs infiltrating protests ( Google Toronto - Undercover Police- Agent Provoceateurs). This is happening in all protests when you see MASKED hooligans causing riotous behavior. They have to ---to excuse excesses of MONEY spent for these NINJA troops. It is so disheartening that our media is corporate owned - with NO real truth.

Scripted nonsense. I wish that police would wake up and realize that after 'stimulus' money runs out - they too will be left without jobs - that they are part of 99% - People demonstrated for them in Wisconsin and Ohio --and now the police are beating them up. Everything is broken.

C. Heidtman said...

Another great reason to ask, Who runs this country? Certainly not WE THE PEOPLE. Do your part, expose the truth. Ron Paul 2012

Anonymous said...

I am a Vietnasm Veteran and believe we will soon have to go to war to save our country. The screws in Washington have made it plain with the NDSA setion 1021 we are their enemy. Like the Founder eventually they will push us and we will have to act. There is a great article called the Tripwire. By D.Van Oortand J.F.A. davidson. From the resister. It has a good perspective of what is appropriate in the acts of the fed against the citizens.

Anonymous said...

Kurt and Lori make me proud to be a Michigander. They are genuine American HEROES... We need more like THEM.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orlando Security Negligence Lawyer said...

Blog and content in this section of the website are really amazing.

NahlaBee said...

I've been following your story since I read your account on 12.26.09. I believe you. Sadly, there are FAR too many people who believe that the good old "US Govt" is completely incapable of doing wrong by it's citizens, and only "those other" countries do that. I will continue to believe your story, over the "official" (aka: BS) story.

Anonymous said...

Just a note:

I read the article that Dave Hodges posted about you January 2016 and I caution you regarding his real identity. Operatives gain the confidence of genuine activists like yourselves as it gives them credibility and allows them to keep tabs on your more private plans.

I read your story years ago and understood what you went through psychologically as I have had a similar experience and no longer live in the USA for this reason. Leslie O. leslietoo@yahoo.com.