Friday, September 09, 2011

The Crash

So, I should have posted about this a long time ago, but life has been crazy. Between work, the accident and follow-up, going to San Fran for the holiday, working spare time to blog. :).

So, two weeks ago, on a Friday night, after I had just psoted a status on facebook about "looking forward to a relaxing bike ride after work with Kurt"......Kurt and I were involved in a bike accident on the street we live on. We were riding our bikes, on the side of the road, and we were about three houses away from ours (feeding into the theory that most accidents occur close to home). All the sudden, I was hit, and falling to the ground. I was watching in front of me, and saw Kurt fall. However, through all of this, I did not really see or know what happened, except I was on the ground.

I finally figured out that a car hit us. I did not even know if the car had hit Kurt or if he had just fallen off his bike. I was hit really hard on the back and hip, and then my handlebars were hit. Later found out that the guy's side mirror hit me and his mirror then flew off his car from the impact and flew about 20 feet away into the ditch on the side of the road. After he hit me, he hit Kurt's handlebars, which caused Kurt to fall. I was REALLY shaken up and kinda shocked. Once i realized what had happened, I slowly stood up, not knowing if anything was broke, and walked to the grassy area of the yard we were near, sat down, and started crying. Some other cars stopped and were coming up to me asking me if I was OK, to which I have no idea what I replied. Kurt then came up to me and asked if I was hit, told him yes, and he then became livid. The guy who hit me circled back and Kurt asked him for his license and registration and he was kinda leery about giving it to Kurt. He had expired insurance, but said it had been renewed. The people who owned the house we were hit in front of made me walk to their front porch and sit there while the ambulance and other rescue people came. The ambulance came, and we declined to go and decided to drive ourselves to the hospital so we had a ride home. We talked to the police for the report, and the fire department.

Through all of this, the guy who hit us (who also had his wife, three kids and dog in his car), NEVER asked once if we were OK, nothing. Towards the end of all this, I noticed him taking pictures of ouri bikes and then of us. I was livid. I wanted to go tell him off, but decided I was not really in the right state of mind to cause a scene, LOL. It's sad what our society has turned in to. I live in a small, rural community where everyone is generally super nice. I could not believe this man was totally selfish and setting such a bad example for his kids, not checking on us or saying he was sorry or ANYTHING. I would feel beyond horrible if I hit someone on their bike, let alone TWO people.

Anyway, I am still hurting from the incident, and Kurt's hamstring/back has been horrible. He had a really hard time while we were in San Fran walking around town. He has a follow-up appointment at the doctor tomorrow and I imagine will be sent for an MRI. We did go the hospital to be on the safe side, and they did xrays, but did not find anything broken, but told us to followup with our normal doctor. So, really, I am happy it was not worse. We are dealing with his insurance now for the cost of the bike repairs, my iPhone being smashed, medical bills, my sunglasses being fixed.

I think I freaked my Mom out when I called her. I keep doing that, whoops. I told her "I was hit by a car". I think she thought I meant while in my car, then I told her, I was literally HIT by a car while on my bike and she was a little more concerned! :). Love you Mom. Sorry I keep being involved in near death incidents.....


Megan said...

How scary!! But so glad that you are okay. Did you guys file a police report or anything like that? Is the driver responsible for any repairs to your bike, etc?

Rebecca said...

Again, glad you guys are okay (mostly). That guy hit the wrong people ;)

COL said...

So scary and glad you are okay. What a jerk for not checking to see if you were okay. What did the police say? And why did he hit you? Didn't he see you?

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you guys are OK!
Boy, did that idiot pick the wrong people (ahem, lawyers) to hit. How does one NOT see two people on bikes??

Anonymous said...

This is scary. Do you guys ever worry about your safety - you know, like someone coming after you to quiet your comments about the underwear bomber?

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that the guy who hit you was intent on taking pictures of the event.
Did he need the photos to prove he had done the job?
IMHO, this was an intentional hit.
I know you have put this on your blog, but you should also have mentioned it on the Alex Jones interview. The more you get it out there, the less chance they will come back to finish the job.
As someone who has been involved in politics, I can say that this was not likely an isolated event.
It's not good to live in fear, but it is important to LIVE!...
This "hit" was meant to frighten and silence you.
Whether you realize it or not (and I think you do), you are in a war. Fight to live and win.
Kudos for your efforts and your honesty. Welcome to the fight for freedom.
An Alex Jones fan