Sunday, February 12, 2012


Really busy week (shocker).

Had dinner with my friend, Mel, on Tuesday night. Was really nice to catch up and talk about her upcoming wedding and other things going on with both of us. :). Need to plan another night out soon with her.......We ended up at Olive Garden, we wanted to go to Carabba's, and weirdly, we pulled up and they were closed. I think they were doing some kind of cleaning or something because the door said they were open Tuesday nights. We were too lazy to get out of the car and see if there was some sort of notice on the door.

Sooooo I went back to blonde. I actually really liked the red, but a Judge I am in front of all the time told me she thought I needed some blonde highlights and Kurt said he kinda missed the blonde, so back I went. I went really light for me, and I am really liking it for something different. I ended up doing lots of highlights instead of all over color. Also, got some sideswept bangs cut in as well. Love it.

We worked all weekend, but instead of it being a pain, it was a relief to kinda clear off my desk. It's never totally cleared off with family law, but I got a lot of work done and have a lot of filing to do tomorrow. I also got some other stuff done for my Mediation business, so I can hand that out now to the Judges.

I got three suits and a suit coat for summer in the mail from Ideel yesterday. I love two of the suits and the suit coat. The suit coat I had to get, even though it's freezing out, becuz short sleeve black suit coats are super hard to find in a cute cut for a good price, and this one popped up and is Tahari, so a nice brand. anyway, it fits perfect. The other suit has an all pleats skirt and I really want to like this style on me, but I always think I look huge in skirts like that. I think I just need to accept that the style is just not right for my body type. Boo, cuz I love how girly the pleats are on a business suit. That one is being sent back.

I also got my new Kate Spade purse and belt delivered this week. Love the purse, it's green and super cute. Cannot find a pic online to post though. the belt looks adorable with a lot of my dresses, and I have already worn it once. Love Kate Spade. Especially sample sales.........

Had to buy a new garbage disposal online tonight, BOOO. Found one for like $25 less on Amazon, so that was good. I noticed it was leaking, and when Kurt tried to fix it, he found a huge hole in the side of it. Guess it's not being fixed, ugh. Hopefully it is delivered soon. It is great having a handy husband, as he will fix it as soon as the new one gets here.

Had the most annoying week in court. Lots of hearings with some realllllly annoying attorneys who constantly interrupted, and would just overall obnoxious. Makes me really appreciate the attys who practice in the right way and take turns. Don't we learn that in like pre-school? Seriously. Hope this week is better in that regard because I ended up with a headache two days yesterday because of this.

I have so many little things and calls to take care of. Hopefully, I can start getting those things done tomorrow. I also need to start booking my Mom and I's Port Richey trip for late March. can't wait for that......

So sad about Whitney Houston. Not totally surprising, but sad just the same since I have always loved her music and grew up listening to her. I feel horrible for her poor daughter.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

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