Sunday, March 24, 2013


So, Kurt had to take a business trip to Tampa/Orlando this weekend.  He left Thursday after morning court and will be back shortly.  He had to drive (long story).  So, I am anxiously waiting for him to get home.  It's kinda pathetic how at a loss I am without him here for one short weekend.  But, I guess it's good I still like him this much after 16 plus years!  :).

I had a pretty chill weekend.  I stayed home for most of it, and relaxed.  I worked part of the day on Saturday (it was my and Kurt's Saturday to work, so he got out of that, bastard!), and today, I went over to Jessica's house to deliver a present I had bought for baby Ava.  I got to meet her doggie, Duke, and he is such a little lover.

Got a lot of laundry done and all the unpacking, putting away done from the Vegas trip, did dishes, took garbage out, picked up a lot of stuff around the house.  Glad to have all that done.

So, some pics from shopping in Vegas!  I got three pairs of awesome shoes at the Tory Burch outlet for summer.  And am bummed I now have to wait to wear them!  Also, I got a super cute sun dress at the Gap, that has green heart polka dots.  I saw the shirt below at Zara and could not pass it up.  Got two t-shirts on clearance there too, but did not take pics.  I wonder if I start wearing summer clothes if it will warm up here?  No?  Ugh.

After last summer filled with campaigning, I want to start running 5Ks again this summer.  I was going to do one today, but it was way too cold to venture out.  I am looking at races the first week of April.  There is one in Detroit on Belle Isle raising $$ for colon cancer research, so I might do that one if it warms up by then.  Next weekend, I am going to Grand Rapids with my Mom for a girls' weekend and I can't wait!  We are going to a spa one morning for massages and pedis, shopping, and having dinner out at Charley's Crab and The Melting Pot.

As I took a break in post, kurt got home, so I am going to sign off so we can go take the rental car back!  More later!  :)

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Julia said...

Dress for the weather you want! Ha!