Friday, March 01, 2013

Eye Surgery Results

OK, I had my procedure done (Intralasik) at a scheduled appointment 1000 AM two days ago (Thursday).  Had to get to the office at 930 AM for some minor check in procedures (forms to sign, pay my balance, etc.).  Kurt dropped me off then went to the office as they said I would not be totally done until around 1100 AM or so.  

One of the nurses came into the lobby and gave me a Valium to take.  I was then taken into a room where they put a lot of drops into my eyes (I think there were 6 different ones for each eye) to numb the area, etc.    They also cleaned the area with some kind of alcohol.  Next, I was taken into the procedure room and told to sit on a chair that was kinda like one of those dentist chairs that leans back but bigger and more comfortable.  Laid back, and one of the employees explained to me again what would happen.  

Below is a description from my surgeon's site on the procedure.  

With the IntraLase laser, the surgeon uses the precision of a laser to create the corneal flap. The accuracy of the laser (100 times more accurate than a blade) is unparalleled by any other technology in vision correction surgery. This advanced technology allows the surgeon more control during the procedure, and even allows customization of the corneal flap for every individual patient. Because of its consistent accuracy, IntraLase now makes it possible to treat many patients who were dismissed as candidates for laser vision correction due to thin corneas.

Basically, both of the steps above are done in the same room.  They do step one, then wait a few minutes, come back in and do step two.  Two different machines, but you dont have to get up, your chair is simply moved from one machine to the other.  Nothing during this procedure hurt at all.  They use suctions to hold your eyes open, so that felt odd, but was not painful at all.

Then it was done.  Zero pain.

Dr took me to another room for post-op instructions, and the valium had hit me so hard, he had to hold my arm on the way to the room, LOL.  I am so not a druggie.  Got there, and I got all the drops I needed to put in my eyes over the next couple weeks as well as the funny ski goggle like glasses I had to wear the rest of the day.  They called Kurt to come and pick me up.  By the time I walked into the front, he was pulling up to pick me up.  He took me home, and I went straight to bed.  For about an hour, I was in a lot of discomfort.  After taking some aspirin and lying back down, I fell asleep and basically, slept until 700 PM.  I did wake up every so often and did the drops as I was directed to, but other than that, dead sleep.  That Valium knocked me out!  Got up starving and made some dinner.  Then a few hours later, went back to bed.

Woke up this morning and felt great.  My sight is great, except fuzzy, but this is normal for some time while your eye heals.  Was thrilled to not wear the goggles anymore.  Had to head in for a recheck this morning.  Did that, and then decided to work the rest of the day.  I told Megan no stress, so I only took calls from attorneys and new clients and did paperwork, opened mailed, etc.  Was a little tired at work, but am home relaxing now.

My eyes are a little red (bloodshot looking) in parts where the suction was, I guess.  Other that that, my eyes look great.

Anyway, I highly recommend Dr. Rahmani for this procedure.  The staff is professional, very timely (almost NO waiting) and their equipment is state of the art.  In my opinion, my eyes are important and I was not going to shop around for the best price on something like this.  Dr Rahmani is used by many famous sports figures around the State, and has done 10s of thousands of procedures with 0 major issues on any of them.

Kurt is scheduled next, his is this coming up Thursday.  Hopefully his goes as well as mine.  Cannot wait to be a no glasses, no contacts household soon!  :). 


Katie said...

It must be so exciting to be free from glasses/contacts! Congrats! :)

Nancy said...

Glad it went well! :)