Sunday, March 10, 2013


Exactly one week after my surgery, Kurt had his LASIK done.  His went about the same as mine.  He went in at 1100 AM and surgery scheduled for 1130 AM.  I took him and dropped him off, and picked him up afterwards.  He was really out it from the surgery tiring him out as well as the Valium they give you.  Took him home, helped him put the drops in his eyes for the first dose, and headed back to work for the day since I knew he would pass out until later that night.  I had to work until 600 PM, and when I got home, he was up in the kitchen getting a snack.   Only real difference between mine and Kurt's surgeries is Kurt ended up taking that Friday off too.  His one eye was kinda swollen and he was a lot more exhausted than I was on day two, maybe because his surgery was a few hours later in the day than mine.

Back to my surgery, one week later and I am still not "perfect".  Both eyes still have a little bit of red in them, and I still have slightly dry eyes and use the wetting drops often.  Dr says all of this is normal though.  My next checkup is on April 11 so we will see if everything is OK then.  Kurt's day two recheck went fine.  Dr said one eye looked kinda swollen, but did not seem concerned with it.

I have been kinda tired since the surgery, I think because my eyes are healing and that is slightly tiring.  I have worked out daily after the 48 hours I could not work out, but most days I am doing lighter workouts, like long bike sessions.  One of the days I was feeling slightly more energetic and I ran, did weights and biked.  I am hoping to return to good workouts this week.

Two weekends ago, I grabbed my phone out of my purse and tried to call my Mom and noticed that her voice sounded really distant and warbled.  I thought it was a fluke, but after that, calling on my phone could only really be done via speaker phone, which is a pain.  So, I finally had time to take it to the Apple store in Ann Arbor today.  They gave me a new phone, no charge.  They could not figure out what the issue was.  Glad to have a working phone again.  And with iCloud, all my stuff was saved.  Walked around the mall a bit, did not buy anything, but saw some really cute Detroit Tigers clothes at Victoria's Secret.  May get some once it is marked down.  Went to Whole Foods to get some TV dinner lunches and other stuff I like.  Found this vegetarian chili that only has 25 calories in one cup.  Made it tonight and it was awesome!  I so wish there was a Whole Foods closer to me than Ann Arbor.

Went to Ron's "strawberry party" last weekend and had a really nice time.  It was also for Jarod's bday, and he ended up not coming as he had the flu that has been going around.  :(.  I made a strawberry cheesecake for the party which must have been good since it all got eaten.  :).

Last weekend, I also went to a party with my friend, Mel.  The house had scentsy being sold, as well as North Face coats, various jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, etc.  I ended up buying a Scentsy thing for my office (see below).  I also bought three scents, French Toast, Blueberry cheesecake and Citrus.  They make not only my office smell amazing but the entire office smell awesome.  Great purchase and I got a great deal on it.

The wallet below I got for free!  I need a new one, as mine is starting to fall apart.  I am a member of this online panel and have been saving points forever, and finally used some of them to buy the wallet.  Which shall go great with the Kate Spade purse I purchased from my previous post, the cobalt blue one.  It went on sale and I had a 25% off coupon!  whoot.

Got the dress below for Vegas.  Super cute and amazing deal.  

Shirt below is another clearance find.  Super comfy.

Love the shirt below.  another clearance find and super comfy as well.  Wore it with a black cardigan to Ron's party.

Got the shoe below to wear with my new dresses to Vegas!  I went to Macy's and found the cutest Vegas dresses super marked down on clearance.  Will have to find pics of them to post when I have time, since they are not on Macy's site due to being so marked down, I think.  One is green though, and I cannot wait to wear it on St Patty's day!  We are going to Pure Nightclub that night, and we purchased VIP line passes that also get us free alcohol for two hours.

Got the bag below to use as a BriefCase for work.  Super cute and unique.  also, super marked down.

The weather today was amazing.  My car said at one point when I was driving it was 67 degrees!  Crazy.  We took the dogs for a long walk, fed the fish in the pond, and I cleaned out the Jeep and Saab, and took the garbage out and did not freeze!  It is not supposed to stay this way, but I enjoyed the day of nice weather and not having to wear a winter coat.

Vito's last physical therapy appointment is tomorrow.  we decided to not purchase anymore sessions because with it being nice out, we can work with him outdoors.  we mostly liked the sessions because it really forced him to work the muscles and exercise, and in winter, he is pretty lazy when just staying home.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!

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