Thursday, September 15, 2005

Can you Say Blog Slacker? I knew you Could.

I can just see this on a new version of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Instead of having kids say lame words like train, car, blue, pink.........Mr. Rogers would have kids saying gigabite, webpage, internet......I have never really seen the TV show before. All I know about it really is the guy wore a sweater, and my Mom would not let me watch the show. She told me she thought the show was demeaning to me because when Mr. Rogers would say "Can you say X", I would look at the screen and say whatever it was, looking at him like he was odd for asking me to do so. I am glad she did not let me watch it really, now that I have seen bits of pieces of it, I do think it is a somewhat demeaning show, LOL.

Anyway. We have been so slammed at the office lately. Two days ago, we literally worked until 1130 p.m., and tonight we were there until 8:00 p.m. It's insane. And I am still not even close to caught up. I even skipped class tonight because I was so exhausted and needed a break. I do that every once in a while, so no biggie, but I still don't feel any more rested. Off to bed after this post.

This weekend, I went to the Lions game with Kurty on Sunday and had a great time, especially since we won, YAY! Also went to Elder Beerman and got some kickass deals. I got this feather bed marked down from $280, to, get this, $35. Also got 600 count sheets for $45, two cute jackets for fall, a cute vest for fall. I love deals so much I can't stand it. :).

Congrats to my friend, Jeannie! She had her twins this weekend. Two beautiful girls, Maggie and Audrey. She was early having them, but they were really big for twins full term, which is awesome. I can't wait to meet them when she is home and up to visitors. I can't imagine being a new Mom and having two there.

Gotta go to bed. I promise, I will try and post more tomorrow. Nightie.

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