Saturday, September 03, 2005

Week of No Time

Wow, I have not posted in a week! Crazy!

I have had a really, really busy week. I think the most stressful in a while. So much going on, and just when I would think nothing else would happen, it did.

Part of my lack of time was the starting of the law school semester. Here is a breakdown of my classes and what I think of them so far. One thing that makes class so much better this term is Julia, my bestest friend in law school, decided to quit her job to go to school full-time and therefore, she is in almost all my classes! Except Wed night, which she has off. Kurt helped her get an internship with our fav Judge, Judge Halloran, so she gets to do that during the days she does not have class. I am so jealous, allthough not really since I don't need to do stuff like that since I already have a job after school. Anyway, here are the deets:

Insurance Law: My prof has the kewlest voice, he is from the Netherlands. The material is OK so far, but nothing exciting.
Family Law:

Family Law: Took this class because my fav prof is teaching it. She is the former Dean of the law school, and it is women like her that make me want to be a lawyer and learn. She is ultra intelligent, very open minded, and speaks her opinions openly. Love her. The class material is interesting so far. This week we talked about incest, polygamy, and same sex marriages. Only in law school, I tell ya.

Sports and the Law: This class is cracking me up. Julia took is because I am, and she does not follow sports in real life whatsoever. You don't need to in order to do well in the class, but when the prof talks about this person or whomever, Julia has no CLUE who is talking about. We laugh about it. The prof is very kewl in this class as well. She was formerly the general counsel for auto racing, and she is extremely all around knowledgeable about sports and the law. She has a great personality and so far, I really like the class.

Taxation: My prof is the perfect guy to teach this class. I thought Tax would be a boring, bar prep kind of course I had to take, but i love it so far. The prof makes class hilarious and interesting and he has the most interesting personality.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: My prof has the personality I love in a lawyer. I am going to love this class. I am sitting in the back row with Cassie and LaDonna and I know we are going to have a blast.

So, my week, as you can probably tell, was spent reading, reading, and oh, reading some more. Then, sitting in class, listening....u get the point.

Then, on my way to class on Tuesday, I got a flat tire. So exciting. I did not have my phone and was freaked out at what to do. Pulled over (on I-75 near Lincoln Park), and got out of the car. Yep, a flat tire. A lady pulled up behind me and I swear she was an angel. Knew how to change a tire and did it for me! Would not take anything from me for it either. I felt somewhat stupid that I could not do it myself, but hey, nobody ever taught me and I am not the best with car stuff anyway. Still got to class on time. And of course, when I called the next day to get it changed, none of the places carried the tire I needed in stock, so we could not drive the car another day. Blah. Had Belle Tire order it and it was put on today. Yay. Then, we took the Saturn in to tryy and figure out what is wrong with it now. Hopefully, all cars will be functioning correctly soon.

anyway, i am tired. will post more later.

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