Monday, September 19, 2005

In Love

Oh, I so love James Spader. I am watching the Emmys right now and surprisingly, he just won best actor. I so love seeing someone I have liked for SO LONG be acknowledged for his talent. I first saw him in the movie, Secretary, which Kurt and I loved for its quirkiness, and ever since, I have loved everything I have seen him in.

Congrats James!!!!!!

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Julia said...

Doesn't it tick you off when people post ads disguised as comments on your blog. My blog is getting slammed with them. I always delete them as soon as they appear, but they're still so annoying! Don't people know that when they do that, it just makes us *not* want to ever buy their product? Grrr, stupid people!

Glad to hear you're doing well. I like that movie "The Secretary" too. I compleatly disagreed with the premis, but you have to admire such a well done movie and such good acting. And it made me thing and I always like that ;)