Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sleepy Pugs

Nothing relaxes me more than a pug laying next to me snoring. I love the sound. It means my puppies are totally happy and comfortable.
Well, the rest of the week did not get much better, stress-wise....We were totally slammed the rest of the week, worked three hours today and are going to work three more hours tomorrow morning. But, I do feel like I am getting slightly caught up.

Friday night, went to the City Theatre with my Aunt to see Altar Boyz, which is a show that is part of our Fisher season tickets. It was funny, but not something I would want to see again. Had dinner at Da Eduardo's beforehand, and my cajun swordfish was awesome. They gave us free dessert, my favorite, tirasmisu. It was homemade and awesome.

Tonight, I went and walked around the mall. It relaxes me, even if I don't buy anything. I ended up buying a couple shirts at Old Navy (long sleeve, solid colored), and some make-up at Target. I decided to try some new items, I will post reviews once I use them. First I bought some lip gloss by Revlon. Click here. Mine is in Tickled Pink. Next, I bought a lip gloss by Maybelline. Click here. It is called Rhinestone Pink. Next, I bought a new foundation by Cover Girl. Click here. Then, I bought an Almay eye kit, that is apparently supposed to bring out my "green eyes", LOL. Click here. Also bought a Greatest Hits Guns and Roses CD, which Kurt and I will love listening to in the car.

Tried on a new scent I loved at the Lancome counter called Miracle So Magic. Did not buy it yet, because I am trying to use up the literally 40 other perfumes I own. I have a slight addiction, but that's OK, I like variety. ;).


Cynthia said...

I have three of those old navy shirts. I love them! I have one in black and two in white. I have a tendency to spill things so I got two white ones that way when one gets a stain I can wear the other one. Having kids it's hard to keep anything that does not have something on it!
Chris just got the Guns N Roses CD too. He love it. He was a big metal head and love the "old" rock. Makes me feel old though because they play it on the oldies station around here! :)

Lori Anne Haskell said...

I wore one of the shirts today (aqua blue) and it is SO comfy. I might go back and buy more, I like it so much.