Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday at School

Yes, folks, I spent almost 8 hours today at Wayne State for a BARBRI class. fun, fun, let me tell you. Best part of it was going to lunch with Cassie..........After that, stopped at the Tastefest in Detroit to see Rebecca, who was working at the Burt's Bees tent doing hand massages with their products. She made me feel so much better after writing for the past two days straight in class.....Came home and did dinner with everyone at the new mexican place in town......

Below is a picture of Bugsy from yesterday. He weighs about 4 pounds now and seriously looks like a little lion. So super sweet. He was chillin' on the back of a chair here.

Also, bought tickets to the Pittsburgh/Tigers game tomorrow in Pittsburgh. Kurt, Kory and I are getting up early and heading to Pittsburgh and spending the night. We booked a hotel at the Omni and are going to stop at the Football Hall of Fame on the way home in Canton, OH.
Below is a picture of a catarpillar in the back yard. For a minute, I thought it was part of the plant I was taking a picture of--it was kinda like a chamelon, blending in so well...

Gotta get to bed. Early morning tomorrow!

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