Saturday, July 08, 2006

Nothing Day

Today, I was invited to do a ton of things and guess what I did? Stayed home and studied for the bar. Yay for me! :). Not. We did go to dinner.

My body is so out of wack. I went to have a massage today because I have been getting a ton of headaches and the chick told me one of my shoulders was literally an inch higher than the other! She fixed it, but no wonder I am in pain. :). She also gave me this stuff called BioFreeze to try, you put it on spots that are in pain and it is supposed to help, so we will see. I will try anything. :). Kory said he used to use it in football practice for pain, so I am guessing the stuff must work.
The mayflies are back! Kory and I took a walk to the rental house tonight and there were SOOO many. We were joking that we wanted Rebecca to come over and we were going to blindfold her and take her back there and then run, leaving her there; just to watch what would happen. (Rebecca is painfully scared of mayflies, I know WEIRD). HAHA. She gave me permission to make fun of her, so I am now! Hopefully, she reads this and yells at me! Bets were on she would either start crying and fall to the ground, or run as fast as possible back to the house, screaming.......OK, we would never truly do that to her, but it is funny to talk about. I have never seen anyone as scared as something so harmless as she is with those things.
We stopped and looked at an old Volkswagon Bug convertible today. Very kewl, but overpriced. I really want one of those once my cars are paid off. It would be a really fun summer car for around here. Although Kurt informed me he would not be driving it.....hehe. I guess it's too girly of a car for him.

Oh, Kory got home from being up north today. He had issues being up there with lack of technology, LOL. Nobody had wireless Internet or the baseball package on their TVs. He is now sitting on the couch, surfing the net and watching baseball. HA.


Rebecca said...

I'm glad that you and Kory had a laugh at my expense :-P

Shannon said...

HEY! That's not funny at all! I also HATE HATE HATE mayflies! I think they're creepy, and I am also irrationally afraid of them! So Rebecca is not all that weird.
So there! :P