Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How to Relax

Photography has really taught me how to relax. It's almost parallel to meditation for others.......I can have a stressful day at the office, come home, grab my camera--take pictures for 15 minutes, and feel immediately relaxed and better. It does not even matter what I am taking shots of--it can be the pugs, weeds, trees, whatever. I could even care less if the shots come out well or not, although it's fun to have something new to post every day. My Mom always told me during law school that I needed to find something to "chill" myself out, and I really feel I have found that with photography.

Today I went outside once I got home and it had stopped raining. So, I decided to do some experimental stuff with raindrops on trees, leaves, etc. and I think the stuff turned out pretty fun. You can look at my Flickr site to see the latest entries.

After work, I went to Best Buy and bought a case for my camera, yay. Luckily, they had my camera there, so I could put it in the bag and make sure it fit. I wanted one that was compact and easy to carry around.....But, I will most likely, in the future, buy a larger one for photo trips. Plus, right now I only have the lens that came with the camera (and one other that is coming in the mail).

That's about it for the night......Really tired, so I am going to sign off for now. Oh, Dancing with the Stars--I loved Emmitt Smith. Great personality.


Rebecca said...

Your pictures are awesome! I see you are embracing your talent :)

Cynthia said...

I am so sad that I am not able to get on here more and see all of these. I haven't checked your site in so long and I am running out of wall space. I am about to order and then have two pictures framed if I can every get the time to get online and take care of it.
You are truly talented Lori. I hope you know that.
Kisses and hugs!