Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Weekend At the Office

So, we worked most of the day today since we are behind on some things at the office. It was great though, as Kurt got some Wills and related documents done, as well as some Probate docs, and I got a bunch of bankruptcies filed as well as a lot of paperwork done. When the phone does not ring, it's amazing the amount of paperwork that comes off the printer! :). Yay.

After work, went home and Rebecca was waiting there for me. We went to Total Runner in Southgate, because I really needed new running shoes. I was just going to look, but ended up buying some Asics. I really wanted to try a new brand, but I always end up with those again. I tried on Brooks and Mizunos, but ended up back at the Asics. Almost got the Brooks because Val recommends them so highly, but did not. Hated the Mizuno's though. Oh, and going to a real running store is awesome. The people there are so knowledgeable about what kind of shoe would work best for you and the like. I am only going to buy shoes from stores like that in the future.

After there, we headed to Sam's Club to get my Aunt a veggie platter for Easter tomorrow. Then, onto the mall where I got some new stuff from NY and Co for my San Fran trip, and some new stuff at Victoria's Secret, where I got to use Rebecca's $10 off purchase card. Yay for savings. Also got my Dad's bday gift since I will see him tomorrow.

Here is the stuff I got at NY and Co:

Shirt One

Shirt Two

Shorts One

Shirt Three

Also got two necklaces, but could not find links to them on the site....

After there, we all went to dinner at Pete's Garage and then Rebecca worked on my neck! Yay. I feel so much better.

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Rebecca said...

I just saw in your sidebar "Rebeccas Emails" Awww! Although I don't know why they'd make you smile...