Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kickboxing Heaven

Kory put water in the base of my kickboxing bag and I got to use it tonight for the first time! OMG, I forgot what a workout it is, and I barely did anything, because I did it after running and the rest of my workout. Found my old blue gloves (I had them special ordered when I used to go to classses), and my wraps, and just did a bunch of punches and some kicks. I loved it. It is a great stress reliever and an awesome workout for your arms and legs. I think about people who have been annoying me and just hit the bag. Yay.

So, tomorrow night, I leave for San Fran. I leave work around 5 p.m. and then my plane leaves around 730 p.m. I already checked in online. have a nonstop flight, so I am hoping to leave ontime (fingers crossed because Northwest is not known for ontime flights) and land at SFO at around 930 p.m. Flight is slightly over 5 hours. I am staying at a hotel on the wharf and cant wait to see the ocean. I heart the ocean. I am kinda nervous about travelling alone, just because I never have before, but I will get over it. :). I will be taking my laptop and the hotel has wireless, so I am sure I will be on here. Maybe even post some pics. I am also psyched the hotel has a gym so my workouts won't be stopped just because I am away on business. Friday, I am going to an As/Yankees game, and Friday morning I am getting a tour of the Giants Stadium. Other than that, nothing set in stone except the conference all the days for certain hours. Can't wait to hear Clinton speak.

Had court this morning. I appeared on a case i never thought would settle, partially because the parties were so far off and because the attorney on the other side is known for not settling. This is a pet peeve of mine. If people want to settle, LET THEM freaking settle. Some attys enjoy running up their clients bill with extra court appearances and unnecessary mediations. But, it settled. Miracles do happen. We put everything on the record and I was done. Hooray!

Craig Monroe just hit a grand slam and they are finally ahead! Go Tigers!

Wish me a safe flight! I will try to write more in San Fran while I am there. I need to pack my swimsuit too, which I need to go do now while I am thinking about it......


Crazymrsnancy said...

Have a great safe trip!! I'm always looking forward to your pics!

Rachael said...

You take such neat pictures!