Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nothing Much

So, my week thus far has been pretty uneventful.....Mostly work filled, really. Worked 12 hours today, which was not fun. Blah.

Last night, I went to the Fisher with my Aunt to see Camelot, which I have seen once before, I think in Stratford. Anyway, great version. We had dinner beforehand in the Fisher, and my soup was super yummy. I heart corn chowder.

My excitement of the week was being in the paper! :). My pic and a short bio on me was in there because I am running in the upcoming school board election. I am running unopposed, but it was still kewl to see my article in there!

Oh, Monday night I had dinner with some board members at this new place in Wyandotte that I have never been to. I actually did not even know it was there.....It used to be a Damon's, but that closed a couple years back. Anyway, this new place was freaking awesome. Super nice, and the food was incredible. I had blackened tuna with rice and asparagus. Perfect. And tried some of a crab cake as an appetizer and that was awesome too.

Anyway, I am tired, so I am going to close here. Can't wait until this weekend so I can relax. I need it.

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Sarah said...

Congrats on being in the paper!! I enjoy corn chowder, too :)~