Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

So we decided to take off early from work today since most offices were not even open and we wanted to be like everyone else....Ok, maybe I just wanted a break. Left about an hour and a half before close time.

Got home and Kory showed us two Subpoenas that were delivered by the sheriff this morning to the house. I don't know if you recall, but last year, Kurt and Kory caught two people hunting on our property. Kurt told the officers he wanted to press charges (because the guys hunting were total asses to them), and we thought nothing happened from it. Well, one of the guys had a TRIAL scheduled on May 1 and Kurt and Kory have to appear and possibly testify. The guy is such an idiot. For the case to even get this far, it means that he refused to settle and pay a freaking ticket. It does not surprise me since he was so rude and basically thought he had the right to hunt on our land. Kurt totally cant wait to appear in court and testify, LOL. I think I may need to go to witness this. Lawyers are the best witnesses. I don't know what the hell this guy is thinking. It's nice to see that the police actually did pursue this though and did not just let the guys go, since the police basically thought it was no big deal as well. Blah on them.

Went after work to get an oil change on my car, and then went to get my nails and toes done, which felt awesome. I have not gone since Fall 2006. I kinda just do my own nails in Winter. I took my own polish, since I have that awesome new MAC polish that lasts forever, and my Nail Tech stuff which works wonders.

Started watching The L Word while working out tonight. It started out kinda slow and I thought I was not going to like it, but then it started to pick up and now I am starting to get into it. I will keep you posted on that show.

Oh! Almost forgot. Last night, I stopped into David's Bridal to look at bridesmaid dresses for my sister. My Mom wanted me to check them out in person because there is no David's Bridal by her or my sister, and they had only seen the dresses online. So, I went and tried on like every dress that came in her color (velvet blue). I ended up really liking a dress that I never thought I would, and some I thought I would love, I hated. Found out we need to order them like 8 weeks ahead of time........I am kinda nervous about ordering now though because with all my working out, I dont want the dress not to fit right in August, so I am going to wait until mid-May to place my order. Then, if I tone up more or lose any more weight, I can just get it altered at the last minute..............Also, I have to say that David's measures up there with Toys R Us for annoying stores I hate to go to. There are bridezillas types EVERYWHERE stressing, and no mirrors in the dressing room. Seriously. I dont want to come out in the middle of the store with EVERY dress on. Ugh.

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