Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stress Sucks

OK, I am aware I am far behind on here and totally need a post about the weekend, which I will get to, I promise. Speaking of which, I had a great weekend.

But, onto the stress.

Yesterday was crazy. I know I spoke previously on here about the upcoming school board meeting where we had to pick who was going to be pres, VP, Sec, Treasurer, etc. And committess were to be selected. That meeting was scheduled for last night. Going into it, the only position really in conflict was the VP position. Number one candidate was the guy I spoke about earlier that called and was harassing me about voting for him, and number two guy was another board member. It was going to be an annoying meeting, because Guy 1 was pretty much guaranteed to throw an absolute fit if things did not go his way, it's in his nature. Which is part of the reason maybe the position is not best suited for him. Anyway.

Yesterday morning, I get a call from the board president that he does not want to support either of them, he wants ME to get the position. I was shocked. I had not expressed interest in ANY of the positions, as I have only been on the board since October (almost a year). I asked him why he changed his mind, and he explained all his reasons for it and asked me to do it, as he wanted me to (speaking as President of the board). I was a little perplexed, really. Moreso because of GUY 1 causing so much freaking drama and me knowing I would be the one he was mad at, for the most part. So, I basically told Mr. Pres if that is what he wanted, I would do it. I want to do what is best for the board and if that is truly what he thought was best, I would do it. This is supposed to about business, and GUY 1 makes me feel like I am in junior high again with the drama. So, before doing anything, I wanted to know if I had any chance whatsoever and talked to some other board members. I needed 4 votes to even have a chance (there are 7 of us). I already knew three people would hands down vote for GUY 1. I also decided to call GUY 1, because I did not want him to think I was going behind his back and trying to plot for this position, because I was totally not. At all.

The conversation:

Me: Just wanted to call and let you know what is going on, you talked to Mr. Pres, right? I did not want you to think at all that I have been out "plotting" for this position behind your back, because I was totally not. I was just approached with this today, and am only looking into it because Mr. Pres thinks it is in the best interests of the board.

Him: Yes, I talked to Ms. Pres. I don't know what he is doing here. I think he has some ulterior motive. I don't support you in your run, and I won't support you if you get the position, which I doubt you will as I don't think you have much support. I also don't think you know enough about the district, or are smart enough to handle the position. I don't think you are "ready."

**some other very unfriendly things were said here as well, I think I was kinda tuning him out at that point and can't recall.

Me: Well, that's your opinion. And maybe I will get no votes, who knows. I just wanted to make sure that this was not going to harm our friendship outside the board. I will have no hard feelings whatsoever if you win, and will support you as VP if you do win.

Him: So, you will accept the nomination?

Me: Yes, if Mr. Pres thinks it is in the best interest of the board.

Him: I can't believe that. (Goes on to again tell him I can't do the position).

**he then has another call beeping in and lets me go.

It's funny, because during this conversation, his comments did not even bother me, because this guy just is like that. He says things like this, not even realizing how stupid they are. To say to me that I am not "smart" enough for the position is completely and totally retarded. I could have said a lot back, but I chose not to, and will still choose not to, because I refuse to bash anyone like he is choosing to do. This position is basically a title, and that's it. The only thing the VP really does, on top of being a board member and voting, is sit in for the pres if he is not at a meeting. If anything, the other positions on the board have more power than VP. The Secretary signs a lot of documents, the treasurer deals with the schools money, the Pres talks to the Press, etc. He simply wanted this position because he is trying to line himself up to be the next President if the Pres does not run for reelection next term. Which, I have no desire to be the President. I did not do this for that.

Anyway, constant phone calls later from Mr. Pres, Guy 2, etc. and I was off to the meeting. Stressed. I did not eat all day from being busy (and not hungry) and realized I was starving, so I met Mr. Pres and the Superintendent for a quick bite to eat. It was seriously the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever eaten. With rice. I think dinner calmed everyone down slightly, and I was kinda worried about Mr. Pres because he was totally stressed by all of this.

After dinner, drove to the meeting, and walked in briefly to use the bathroom before making a phone call. Walk in with Mr. Pres and GUY 1 is sitting in the hallway and immediately starts verbally attacking Mr. Pres. I could not even understand what he was saying, he was so angry. Pretty much every other word was him swearing. I walked into the restroom and out to this still going on. So, I walked outside to call Kurt and my Mom. Walked back in shortly after that and things appeared to have calmed down. Sat and talked to the new board member in the hallway for a bit and GUY 1 actually sat there with us (not saying anything, but not avoiding me really either). He basically thinks Mr. Pres is a "traitor" because they have been friends for 30 years, they have family members who date, yada yada. Which as you and I know, has absolutely nothing to do with who would be best for a position, but try explaining that to someone that is on a rampage.

So, the meeting starts. I am so uncomfortable. The voting is all open, and I was dreading it. We started out with some other business, then moved to voting for the Pres. Mr. Pres got the position again, no opposition. Then VP. GUY 1 is immediately nominated and it is seconded. There is a pause, and then I am nominated and seconded. So, they go around to each board member and vote, and I win....4-3. Aargh. Then all other positions and committees are chosen. I got on the committees I wanted as well, which is kewl. Anyway, as the meeting is closing up, GUY 1 is obviously still peeved and starts packing his stuff up before the meeting is even over. He was invited for dinner/drinks and his response is "I am only here for the kids..." Umm, he comes for drinks every other night. Childish, I tell ya.

So, it's over with. It's like a hollow victory, as I did not want the position in the first place. I am happy, and honored actually, to do it, but, at the same time, having someone else so angry always sucks. Oh well.

I am thankful to no longer be stressed. Sigh.

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Crazymrsnancy said...

Congrats Mrs VP!!! That other guy can suck moose nads! He's a sore loser. He sounds like someone who's used to being handed everything in his life eh?