Friday, July 20, 2007

Random Crap

So behind, so behind. I still have not posted about LAST weekend, which I promised. Apparently, I am not so great at making promises to myself.

I promise right now to type as much as I can before going to bed. Which I also need to do, but this is of utmost importance, right? :).

Had a good week, besides the working thing I have to do every day. Last night, I met up with my friend Nancy (law school Nancy). We went to Somata for pedicures, then headed to a place she wanted to show me called TV Diner. I had pasta and it was super yummy. Waitress was really nice as well. Great little place that I never noticed before in RIverview, I think. It was great to catch up with her. Wed night, I went to Mel's for a Lia Sophia jewelry party and got to see a few people that I had not seen in a while, and talk, which was nice. Bought some really kewl jewelry. Can't wait until it comes in. I usually don't like much at these tupperware, pampered chef, avon parties, but this stuff was actually really kewl and I would buy more if I went to another party.

OK, last weekend. Had dinner with Julia and Tony on Saturday night at this cute Japanese place in Livonia. I had teriyaki salmon and we all split some sushi pre-meal that was very good. I was impressed. The miso soup was great as well, and I am picky about the miso. It was awesome to catch up with them and celebrate their engagement, and by the time we left dinner, we had been there for 3.5 hours! I don't think I have ever been at a restaurant that long before. It's so weird how Julia and I are now lawyers......I remember day one of law school when I met her, and told Kurt about her. His comment was that I was going to be friends with her the rest of my life. There is like this bond you form in law school with the poeple you start off with that is different than anything else. Nobody else understands what you go through in law school except others who have been there. Anyway, it's awesome that Kurt was right and Julia is still one of my best friends, years later, post taking the bar and everything. We are two entirely different kids of people, yet so similar at the same time because of this law school bond. Anyway. Dinner was great and I can't wait until next time.

Friday night, we took the pugs to the new Petsmart in Monroe that just opened. We have never taken all three anywhere like that, so it was interesting trying to walk them at the same time since they are not really leash experts (never really on them). They did really well though and the store is super nice and modern. We did not buy anything, but I am sure I will be in there all the time when the pugs need stuff. After that, we took them to the local ice cream place and got them all baby size scoops of vanilla. they loved that too. Vito ate all of his, and part of Oscar and Gretel's that they did not finish. He is such a pig, I swear. LOL.

Sunday, we worked. Which sucked, but I did get a ton done, which was nice.

Anyway, I really should get to bed. I need to post more, but I am tired and the pugs are getting antsy because they don't understand why I am up and their Dad is in bed.

Rebecca is coming over tomorrow and we have no set plans at all. We are just going to do whatever and she talked me into (hehe) letting her practice her new massage video on me. I decided to be a friend and help her out. It's hard being me, being friends with the best massage therapist around. Seriously, she rocks. She has this mentor, Garry, who she thinks is incredible and I have to tell you, I have been massaged by both of them and I am favoring her slightly over him....She won't believe it, because she pretty much thinks he is God, but she is Goddess like herself....Love you Rebecca! :). See you tomorrow, drunk. Too bad the Tigers lost tonight.......

Hope everyone had an awesome week.


Rebecca said...

I couldnt' even tell you what happened at the game tonight, this was like beer pong drunk (almost). Too bad BD had a girlfriend now....jesus, my head is pounding. I'm going to sleep now, this will be funny tomororw, just like all of my phone calls and texts to you and Kory will be funny tomorrow...

MegWalterbach said...

I love reading your blog, Lori! Keep it up :)