Tuesday, July 03, 2007

On Probation

Rebecca put me on probation because I don't blog enough. Bad me.

OK, maybe she will forgive me now since I am blogging again! Hi Rebecca! Am I forgiven? hehe.

So much craziness going on here. I feel so busy. I had a great night though. I spent the entire night alone. We left work early since we have family in town (Kurt's brother Scott and his girlfriend DJ). They were all going to the Tigers game, but I decided to stay home. I really wanted to relax, workout, eat dinner on my couch. So, I did. I watered my flowers, filled the bird feeders and bath, then went to the spa for a massage. After that, did a quick trip to the grocery store, then came home and worked out and made veggie chili for dinner. And have been watching TV and chilling with the pugs and puppy since. :).

Last weekend was crazy busy. Friday night, we went out for Rebecca's birthday. We went to dinner at Dolce Vita (I had sushi, yummy), then had birthday dessert at Independent Dairy (I had one scoop split into cookie dough and peanut butter cup), then went bowling. We all had a little too much to drink at the alley, and had a blast bowling. My high game was 179, which was pretty good considering the lane conditions and the alcohol I had consumed. I bought Rebecca some kewl Rockport shoes for her birthday that just screamed her name when I was in the store. I got her the ones in black.

Saturday night, we had dinner with our friends Cliff and Lisa in Livonia at Eastside Mario's. Sat outside on the patio and I had angel hair pasta with spicy marinara and shrimp. We had not seen them in a while, and it was really nice to talk. Lisa started PA school in May and is crazy busy, as she actually studies a lot (unlike me in law school, haha). She seems to really like it, but seems really stressed too. Ugh. I am glad I am past the school part of my life. Went on Saturday as well and got my dress alterated for my sister's wedding. Went to the mall and looked for wedding shoes and jewelry again, and still found nothing. I need to come up with something pretty quickly though. I hate shopping. :(.

Sunday, my Dad came over and went golfing with Kurt and Kory for a late Father's Day. Had dinner afterwards at Pete's with him and Auntie.

Oh, big story of the week. We left the Saturn at the office on Monday night, and came to it on Tueday morning to find the windows smashed out. We leave it there overnight a lot, and have been doing so for over 7 years, so I was shocked. Apparently, some kids thought it would be a fun activity. Lovely. So, I made a police report, then called the insurance company and tow place and it is currently being fixed in the shop. I about freaked when I saw it because I assumed they stole my camera, which I had left it in. But, nope. I guess destruction was their goal, not stealing. Nothing was even touched. I was lucky, really. I would have been devastated if my camera was taken by those idiots.

Anyway, I am exhausted, so I am going to close here. Night everyone.


Crazymrsnancy said...

OMG.. poor Saturn, but I'm glad your camera is safe!! Especially if you had pics on it!

Rebecca said...

You're still on probation until you get back to regular blogging :-P

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Thanks Nancy! And you are a meanie Rebecca, making me still be on probation. I may have to post so much that you beg me to stop! MUHAHA.