Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday At Home

**I was attempting to take a pic of a flower, and noticed this gorgeous butterfly. I proceeded to forget about the flower and focus on him...

Friday night. At home. Nothing to do. Bliss.

Kory is up north, and it is really quiet here......The puppy slept all the way up there with him, and shockingly, everyone is in love with little Whiskey! hehe. We will have to see if Kendra attempts a dognapping, as she has threatened.

Rebecca changed the name of her puppy to Charlie. I refuse to call it that. Kramer it stays. Seriously, who changes the name of a puppy after owning it for a week and only calling it another name? Poor little confused baby. Plus, Kramer was a kick ass name and Charlie is common. Give the little guy some uniqueness, right? Boy, harassing Rebecca is so much fun! Speaking of Kramer, I get to see him tomorrow because I am going to Ferndale to visit Rebecca and go do something. If the weather is not insanely hot, the zoo. If not, maybe shopping? I still need silver shoes for the wedding. I actually bought a necklace online today on a site I liked called Click here to see the piece I got. I had an awesome coupon. It was down to that one and another on, and pretty much, this one won out because of the coupon and because of the fact that I liked the little diamonds in between the pearls.

**Pic above is of Whiskey, attempting to play with Kramer's toy...

Our cars are costing us so much money lately. I hate when maintenance things happen all at once. The Saturn windows were replaced from the vandalism ($500.00). Just had to get all new tires on the Jeep, and a new starter ($1400.00). The Carrera and Spyder are also in the shop getting stuff done and I will be so excited to find out the costs on those, but at least we will be done after that for a while (hopefully). I would much rather spend my money on something fun. Although I guess having a means of transportation is important. I suppose. I should just ride my bike, it's better for me! But work is a little bit far, hehe.

Need to get to bed. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.


Rebecca said...

Yeah, but how common is "Charlie Kramer?" Not very!

Rebecca said...

And I love how your goal of the week is always to get more sleep, hehe.