Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The TV Craze

Mom: So, what have you guys been up to lately?

Lori: Oh, we went to the electronics store last night.

Mom: Don't tell me Kurt bought another TV set.

Lori: No, he bought 5...

Yes, my friends. We now own freaking 11 TV sets. Why, you ask, since we only have three people in our house? Our basement, which is currently being finished, is going to look similar to your local sports bar. My husband, the sports obsessed person that he is, needs 5 TVs on one wall in the basement. Yes, 5. He is pretty much insane, but sadly enough, I can say very positively that the TVs will get a LOT of use. he plans on watching 5 football games at once on Saturdays and Sundays. So, I kinda designed the wall and it will be one large TV in the middle (52 inch) surrounded by four small (36 inch). It should look pretty sweet. Also sadly, he is not done. He plans on putting two more TVs down there (at least) by the pool table we don't own yet and the bar that's not built yet. Sigh. I can only imagine what my satellite will be now....The guy is coming on Monday to hook it up to all 5 TVs.

Work has been crazy. I am so sick of the freaking phone. I do not get what is so hard with leaving a message ONE TIME. We always call back and usually the same day. For example, yesterday. A client called and had a question for me. Kurt told him I was busy (which I was drafting an Emergency Motion). Takes a message. 30 minutes later, client calls back and I answer because Kurt is on the other line. I try so hard to not be mean, but these people....I tell him I am in the middle of an emergency document and he proceeds to say "Well, I was just calling to find out....." drone on, drone on, drone on. I truly think I am going to have a meltdown sometimes. And then the clients that hire you, and call 6 times or more a day to see if you were done with their stuff, which is not a rush. Let's see...all that time I wasted on the phone? Could have been drafting your documents. I think our clients truly think they are our "only" client or something. The ones who truly realize I am busy? I really appreciate that, and they are getting the phone calls back more quickly than others. Respect for my time can do wonders, let me tell ya.

Went and got a massage on Saturday from Steve at Blu Water. It was awesome as usual. I hate bugging Rebecca to work on me, and Steve is the next best thing. I was still kinda sore yesterday from the spots on my neck, shoulders and lower back he worked on. Rebecca came over that day with Charlie and helped me grocery shop (and did some of her own as well). Earlier that day, right after my massage, I slipped on water on our marble floor and fell really hard. I landed on my knee and ankle and now have beautiful bruises to show for it. Aargh. I hate how easily I bruise.

Went to dinner with Auntie and my grama that night at a new place in Canton, called Antonio's. I have been to the Antonio's in Dearborn Heights before, but I think this one was even better. It was good to see them....I had not seen either one of them since my wedding. Auntie came over again for dinner last night, and we all went to Pete's for dinner, which was fun.

Sunday, I went and got a mani/pedi, which I have been desperately needing since God knows when. I went to a new place, since my main place is closed on Sundays. It was very friendly and they did an awesome job. When I went to pay though, their credit card machine was down and they made me GO GET MONEY out of an ATM. You'd think they would tell you before you got services that their machine was down. So odd. But, I will most likely go back there if on a Sunday and just remember my checkbook or cash in case that happens again.

Off to do laundry. Night all.


Rebecca said...

You know I totally don't mind working on you! But I'm glad you got a massage even if it wasn't from me.

.................Nancy said...

I want a massage by rebecca! hehe