Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fun Day

Got up this morning and headed to David's Bridal in Madison Heights to meet up with Julia and Jamie (her sister). Julia wanted to try on dresses to start to get an idea of what she liked. We had a ton of fun, and I would love to post the dress she fell in love with, but I am unsure if her fiance looks at this blog or not, so sorry, can't so it! She tried on a lot of dresses, and it ended up being the very last one, that we thought she would not like, that she loved. It looked amazing on her, as all of them do. It helps when you are like a size 2....:). If anyone wants to see the dress, email me and I will send you the link (unless your name is Tony and you are engaged to Julia). We looked at bridesmaid dress colors too. At first she wanted this wine-like color, but saw another color at the store she liked better. But, when I got home tonight, I found out that color is discontinued, so I think we are back to the drawing board. I found a similar color to the blue color she liked, which is not discontinued, so maybe she will end up with that one......Anyway. Went to lunch at Applebee's after that, and got to talk and sit around for a while. Once lunch was over, I headed to Somserset Mall to return a pair of jeans I bought at The Limited, which just don't fit right. Walked around that store, then went to The Sharper Image to see if there was anything I wanted because I have a gift card to use there. Did not find anything I had to have, so walked around a couple more stores, stopped at Starbucks and headed to my next destination. Southland Mall. Wanted to stop into NY and Co because I have a coupon to use there (I got $60.00 off if I spent $120). I really wanted to get some warmer fall clothes, since the weather has been cooling off here. I have been slowly updating my wardrobe. Since I started working out in January, a lot of my stuff is not fitting anymore. Anyway. Ended up with some fun stuff for fall and winter. I bought two pairs of dress pants, one grey and one black pin striped. Also bought a short sleeve sweater in grey and blue, a black dressy top, two cute headbands in black and silver, three pairs of dress socks in cute patterns, and one cute necklace. Was so pleased to find some cute stuff for work at pretty much half price with my coupons.

Headed home after that, and have chilled here since. Worked out, made dinner, watched some football with Kurt. Rebecca is over, but her and Kory went to some strip club in Toledo. Don't ask.

No idea what my plans for tomorrow are yet, but I really should get out and go to some furniture stores. Kurt has informed me that he is moving the living room furniture into the basement probably next weekend, so we will need something to sit on in the living room. I have no idea whatsoever what I want. Ugh. I would also love to run to Sams Club and buy some stuff I need, and I desperately need to go to Trader Joe's, but I don't know if that will happen either. I am not very energetic with errands these days.

I read there was an attempted armed robbery in the Kroger's parking lot Friday night that I shop at! It's so odd, we live in such a country like safe area, and all these weird things have been happening lately......A girl walking home from the busstop recently was approached and almost kidnapped, but she ran away. they caught the guy, but still. It's freaky. It just shows you need to be careful anywhere you are.


Rebecca said...

Don't worry, I'll post all about the strip club later, ha. And you'll be up here next weekend so save Trader Joes for then! I would have gone furniture shopping with you if I had time today :(

Lisa said...

Love the new clothes Lori! And I'm curious about this strip club now, lol.

Mindy said...

Congrats on the new outfits! I LOVE when I find several cute things AND save money.

And I love Trader Joe's. It's my fav place!

.................Nancy said...

I love everything you got!!