Sunday, September 23, 2007

Busy, Tiring Week

Wow. Lack of posting this past week. Mostly because two nights, I fell asleep on the couch at like 8 PM and 745 PM and did not wake up until Kurt woke me up for bed. I guess I needed extra sleep. Did not eat dinner, did not make Kurt dinner, did not check my email, did not work out. Like my Mom says though, sometimes your body just tells you that a break is needed, and it was this week. We pretty much had the week from hell at the office with a ton of deadlines to meet, rush documents, emergency motions, etc. Too many hours worked too, and, I went in by myself on Saturday and Sunday to catch up on some paperwork.

Wednesday, Kurt and I went to Gardner White so I could show him the stuff I liked there. He did not like it. Well, he did not like the color. Apparently, Kurt does not like brown furniture. Both sets I liked there were brown. Friday, we went to Art Van and I showed him the stuff I liked there. He really, really liked it. So, we decided to buy it. It will be here on Wednesday, so Tuesday night, he and Kory will move our great room furniture into the basement. I am really excited about the new stuff. It is literally the most comfy furniture I have ever sat on. We got one of the couches, which seats like three people, and two of the chaises (which are HUGE and seat like 2 people each, at least. Les seating then we have now, but I figure, we don't have company much. And, if we ever want more stuff, like another chair or something, I will go back and buy it (the line we bought from is brand new so it will be there a while) or simply buy accent chairs not from that line. I am also going to arrange everything differently in the great room. Since we dont have a sectional, I have more options with how to arrange everything. I can't wait until the hardwood floors are done in there this winter.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend Hollie in Southgate. It was really nice. We always catch up on things, gossip, etc. and I always leave feeling relaxed and really good. I heart lunch with Hollie. Went to the office after that, and got home in time to go to Pete's with Kory and Kurt for dinner. Today, went to Rebecca's so her and Gary could practice tandem massage on me again. I actually really needed a massage, so this worked out awesome! Then, Gary and Rebecca had me be the therapist and work on them, so they could feel what two person massage is like. It was kewl to see exactly what is being done to me. :). After that, Rebecca and I had lunch at Lily's Seafood in Royal Oak, which was really yummy. I had this blackened tuna sandwich that was incredible. The place was super busy. Then, we stopped into the store in my post below where I got my new body scrub, and fell in love with a new store which I need to stay far, far away from. Went into the office for a couple more hours and came home to do laundry, make dinner, and get some stuff done around here. I desperately needed to do laundry and got a ton done, which is good, because I was going to start to run out of things to wear.

Was glad to get a workout in tonight after three nights off because of my pure exhaustion. Need to get back to my laundry though........

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Lisa said...

Love the new sofa set!