Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Helicopters, Settlements, and Political Scandals


Really long day, most of it out of the office, which is annoying. I like spending the day AT the office. Had court this morning, rushed back to the office to draft a Mediation Brief, rushed to a Mediation this afternoon, and was there until 6:30 p.m. Ugh. Did resolve the case, so that is good. Came back to the office and filed some stuff online that was due, then headed to Pete's to meet Kory for dinner. Which was yummy.

Got the results of the school board election and was so bummed. My friend, Jeff, who it the President of the board, lost. He is so dedicated to the school and our district, and really hard working and fair. He lost, because of some "behind the scenes" politics, which is so wrong. I am really sad that I am not going to be working with him anymore. I don't know much about the two new women, and will be interested to get to know them, but i am still not happy about Jeff being outed. So wrong.

Last night, when going to bed, I looked out the window and saw a lot of lights and a cop car. Opened the front door and saw it was several cop cars, ambulances, fire trucks, etc. So, the three of us (me, Kurt and kory) went outside and walked to the front of our yard. And saw a truck. Or, what used to be a truck. The truck had hit a telephone pole and a tree and barely looked like a truck any longer. Wow. The life helicopter came and landed and took one of the passengers and the other left in an ambulance. it was really weird that all this happened across the street from my house. Freaky. I should have taken pics, but I felt kinda weird about that and did not. Hope everyone is OK, but the one guy I guess is in critical condition.

Got my bottom braces adjusted again yesterday. I think I am really close to being done with this stage and moving onto the Invisalign. I hope anyway.

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