Sunday, May 11, 2008

ET Phone Home....................

So. I have not posted in so long, I don't remember what I posted about last and what I have not posted about yet.

Wednesday, I had to drive back to Ann Arbor to sign loan docs on my car again. They ended up somehow getting me a lower interest rate. I never knew with buying a car that you could play the interest rate game, but apparently, you can! Yay. I am much happier with the new deal. Drove there and went to dinner with Auntie afterwards at Weber's. My food was really good, had a cajun shrimp and rice meal. Auntie had a cheeseburger that she was not really thrilled with......She did like my car though! :). I am still in love with my car, BTW. So lux. Love the heated seats and the XM radio. I am now an XM addict. They suckered me in, in like, 2 days. LOL. The free trial is def worth it for them. I will purchase whenever it runs out.

Thursday, had my first board meeting post election. The new people do not start until July. I did not realize how sad I was about Jeff losing until the meeting. I almost lost it during the meeting. When it came to my turn to talk at the end of the meeting, I welcomed the new people and then had to say I could not talk about Jeff because I was still too upset about the election. Jeff has grown to be such a great friend, and I believe the district is really going to be losing out not having him around. He truly cares about the kids, the school and educating himself to be the best board member ever. It's sad the community did not see things this way. Anyway, thanks, Jeff, for being such an awesome person, friend, and board member. I plan on staying friends with him for the long run, and am really lucky to have gotten to know him.

Kurt watched ET for the first time last night! I still can't believe he had never seen it before. He loved it. I would have thought something as majorly wrong with him if he did not, so good....Ha. I love watching Drew Barrymore, she was so freaking cute in that movie! I cried at the end. Not surprising.

Worked all weekend, pretty much. Got a lot accomplished though, which we needed.

We may be going to Nicaragua! We are thinking of going somewhere over Memorial Day, and were thinking the Osa in Costa Rica, but started looking at Nicaragua instead. Bought two books this weekend and it looks so interesting there. They have volcanoes, rain forests and ancient cities. Plus, CHEAP flights. My kinda place. We have been reading up a lot on the place. I don't know one person who has been there, so it would be a really different experience. I thought it would be dangerous, but apparently, it is the second safest country in the western hemisphere, after Canada. So, I am safer there than at home in Newport! Ha.

Off to bed. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


.................Nancy said...

Nicaragua!! Kurt and Lori, will you adopt me??

Lisa said...

No, that means come to the London area...and show me that hot little car!!