Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cars, Cars, Cars and Ice

Cars, cars, everywhere a car....blocking up the scenery......breaking my mind, do this don't do that.....................

Drove to Ann Arbor this morning to test drive more cars. Stopped first at the Saab dealership. Drove the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet. Loved it. Plus, they have an awesome deal there on a 2007, new. Because it is 2007, it is like $10000 cheaper than the 2008. Same car exactly, except the 07 actually gets BETTER gas mileage. Then, we went to the Porsche dealership to look at Audis. Drove the Audi A4 convertible. Loved it too. It is a lot more than the Saab though and VERY similar. Next we saw the Volkswagon EOS, which I had never seen before. Very kewl car. It is a hard top convertible, automatic. NEVER seen one of those before. Drove it, and it was OK. Don't really like the way the car looks with the top up (kinda boring and generic). We next went and drove the Mercedes CLK350 convertible. GORGEOUS car. Very lux. But, I am looking for something to drive year round, and I would not want to drive this car in MI in the winter. This car does not deserve to have snow and sleet and such hitting it's beautiful exterior. So, I have to axe that one too. Very nice though and great customer service there. Only car we drove all day that we could not take out ourselves, the sales guy came with us. :). Stopped at the Lexus dealer to see their convertible, but they were out of stock. Saw one in their repair shop, and the back seat is way too small (kinda like the Porsche's). So, we will prob not go back to look at one when they come in. Next, stopped and drove a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder convertible. Cute car, and fast, but not quite as roomy as the others. we kinda want something we can take friends and family in if needed, and all of our current cars are kinda small and uncomfortable in the back seat. Stopped at some other dealerships too, but they either did not make convertibles with their brand, or they were two seaters.......Long day, but fun. I ended up calling back the Saab lady and filling out their credit app online to see what kind of deals I would qualify for. She prob will call me Monday. I am still not for sure I want anything, so I guess I will see how I feel after I sleep on it.

Went to an ice show in Taylor tonight for Jessica, my friend Tammy's daughter. Was a lot of fun but LONG. And in a kinda hockey arena so the seats were not comfy. My ass still kinda hurts. Came home and ate dinner and am chilling now.

Kory went to Dearborn on Friday after work and I have not seen him since. Am wondering if he is still alive. Probably is, but probably has drank way more than necessary this weekend. I don't know how people do it, drinking exhausts me.

Night all. If anyone has any opinion at all based on experience/knowledge of the cars above, please let me know. Toodles!


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

OK, I'm in love with the Saab Cabriolet! Such an aweomse looking car!!

CharStar said...

Have you tried BMW yet? We loved our Z4 but there is a 3 series that's a convertible/AWD.

Saabs and Audi's are really good cars. I would def look at consumer reports and see what people are saying also check on yahoo cars and edmunds.

.................Nancy said...

I like all the cars! I am way too ghetto to know anything about them though haha. Have fun!!